“Deck of the Week” Project


I’ve decided to join the “Deck of the Week Project” over at Aeclectic Tarot (AT).

As of today I have 48 tarot decks, plus 10 oracle decks. So if I do a deck a week, I’ll be busy for over a year.*gulp*
I’d rather not sign up for such a long period all at once, but I’d like to start and see where this exploration takes me. I’ll start my weeks on Sundays (even though it’s technically Monday already).

I plan to do daily draws, and maybe a bigger reading each week. I may also participate in the reading exchanges that happen on AT for those who do the “deck of the week,” in addition to the ones I take part in anyway (I won’t post these here but may write more generally about them). I’ve decided to also blog about my daily draws as far as I’m comfortable to do so, and about my deck reflections and reading experiences. If I do any research or study about a specific deck, I may also post about it here.

I’m going to choose my deck of the week by a combination of a random number generator and conscious choice. That means, I’ll generate three numbers and then pick one of the decks associated with these numbers.

This week, I got a choice between:

I’ll go with the Deviant Moon first, since the Marseille is a bit much for a first (I hardly ever read with non-scenic pips before), and I already have a bit of experience with the Shaman’s Oracle.

Before I go on to do my first reading, some initial impressions:

I’ve had this deck for quite a while now without ever getting around to actually reading with it. I’m usually not much drawn to so-called “dark decks,” but I liked the Deviant Moon’s weirdness and its color palette. Special favorites were and are the Tribal Style bellydancer in the Two of Pentacles and the gorgeously strange Queen of Wands.

I still would much prefer matte cards instead of the highly glossy ones. The deck also gets points withdrawn for the intense chemical smell that persists even after airing it out for several days when I first got it, and then sitting on my shelf for at least a year. Yuck. Maybe it’s a good thing I’m having a bit of a cold these days…

I wonder if the faces are going to be same-y in readings or if there are going to be enough differences to actually read them. I also wonder if the deck will give readings that tend to be a bit pessimistic since the Deviant Moon world doesn’t seem to be a particularly happy place.

With that, I’ll now proceed to my first reading…


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  1. Hi and welcome to the little deck of the week family :-D
    I pick my deck pretty much like you, used to be all random but some weeks you are in a certain mood for a specific kind of deck then random among a smaller number is nice, you know you will get something new yet nothing too far off.

  2. Thanks for stopping by here!
    You pinpointed it exactly. It really is the best of both worlds: random selection to narrow down the list (which saves me a lot of time spent on indecisiveness) plus free choice (so I still feel in control of my project). Win all around!

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