Deviant Moon: Daily Draw #1


For today, I picked the body/mind/spirit/emotions spread to see where I am right now.

Body10 of Swords

The picture shows a yellow person in a tight box, pierced by swords. However, the person doesn’t look dead to me. Painful restrictions.

That seems to be a dramatic way to put my current physical condition. I do have a bit of a cold, but I’m not exactly immobilized by it. Could the Deviant Moon be something of a drama queen?

MindThe Moon

Two puppets (a king and a queen) dance under a full moon. Their strings seem to go up to the moon.

Who is pulling my strings? I have felt manipulated last week at work, by several people. Most of the times I believe I was aware of being manipulated, but at times it still worked. I think I need to be more aware of what strings people pull to get me to do certain things. (To be fair, I also haven’t been completely honest and open with everyone, so this card may be more about a general atmosphere of manipulation all around than about me as a victim of it.)

SpiritThe Hermit

A naked figure cowers under a bridge, apparently very scared and possibly quite a bit mad (as in crazy). A dead fish lies next to it. The background shows a factory building with smoke coming from a chimney.

It’s true, I have been hiding away from my spirituality for a while now. I’ve been afraid to even go near certain issues and have carefully avoided being alone with myself and confronting them. My last shamanic journey has been so long ago that I don’t even want to calculate how long. At the same time, this doesn’t do me much good, and I feel cut off from a large part of what feeds me spiritually (-> fish out of water). The factory has me think of work and how that is the time and place in my life that feels least spiritual to me – and at the same time it’s the time and place where I spend most of my waking hours. I don’t see how I could look at my job to find a spiritual component… Finally, this is the Hermit, which means I may have separated myself and my spiritual concerns too much from sources of support.


A naked blue figure with brown wings pours a liquid from one container into another. She is standing at the edge of a body of water, with her toes dipping in.

This seems a pretty standard Temperance illustration, with nothing much added or changed. As such, I find it hard to derive any meaning from the image itself and have to go with the standard meanings of balance, equlibrium, and the search for the perfect mix. My emotions have been somewhat dramatic last week, with intense ups and downs. So it’s nice to feel much calmer today, with no extremes either way. I will admit, however, that it’s also a little boring (but probably just right for a day where I’m a little sick).

Three majors in a daily reading seem a bit much. Then again, this doesn’t look like a reading just for today but rather a reflection of the entire last week, and possibly beyond. And there have been some major issues indeed which have kept me occupied.


As I already suspected yesterday, the Deviant Moon feels a bit overly dramatic and leaning towards the depressing and glum. I’m beginning to suspect that I may eventually decide to let the deck go since I just don’t mesh very well with that kind of mood. (There’s always the Bohemian Gothic if I’m in need of a dark deck – and at least that one comes with a sense of humor.) But who knows, maybe the Deviant Moon and I just need to spend a bit more time together so I can learn its language a little better? After all, there is something in these weird, strange, odd creatures that populate the deck that I can relate to, or I wouldn’t have gotten the deck in the first place. It remains to be seen if that pull is enough.


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