New Deck Interview: Deviant Moon Tarot


I’ll start out with a New Deck Interview. I’ve had very mixed results with spreads like this in the past but hope for more clarity with the addition of a time limit.

What do I need to learn from you during this week? – Knight of Swords

A knight in silver armor rides a rising dragon-horse-rhinoceros on a hill outside of the city. The color red is very prominent, and a waning moon hangs in the sky.

I take this to mean that I need to reign in my sharpness and anger a bit, which makes sense in my current job situation. Since the animal is turned towards the left/past, it tells me I need to turn my own energy elsewhere, towards the future.

How will you teach me?Knight of Wands

Another Knight! This one wears a green suit of armor with delicate violet insect wings. The knight is riding a sort of helmeted beetle, and has somehow merged with it. The full moon is huge, and there’s dry grass in the background.

Compared to the first knight, this one feels a lot smaller and slower. The way he has merged with his animal makes me think of the movie Avatar, and the beyond-physical connection a good rider has with his horse. I take this to mean that paradoxically there’s greater power in slowing down and merging with others – which also applies to my job situation very well.

I also like how this scene is more in touch with nature, even though it’s not exactly a lush landscape. This lets me hope that I, too, can reconnect to nature over the next week.

Our future relationship? King of Swords

Oh, come on, Deviant Moon, three court cards? Really?

This is a solid king, who interestingly wears a crown that could also be a fool’s cap. He is accompanied by a small creature which holds a globe-like ball. It’s mouth and teeth look like the bars on a jail window. The moon is waxing here.

The king who is also a fool… Usually, the court jester is the only one who has the freedom to tell the king the truth without fear of punishment. But this king has decided he doesn’t need a court jester and has picked a scared creature with an imprisoned tongue instead. The King is also turned slightly towards the left/past, and he doesn’t seem to pay much attention to his companion – which looks about to bolt at the next opportunity.

I’m thinking of my boss and how he seems to like having us act like his children who jealously guard what little he gave us while he reigns the empire all by himself. Needless to say, that didn’t go down very well with me, and I rose up like the animal in the first card… The result was that I’m now transferring to a different department with a new boss, a change that I first resisted but now believe to be a blessing in disguise.


This reading makes quite a bit of sense when it comes to my current job situation, although I have a hard time applying it to my work with this deck as such. Oh well, maybe the Deviant Moon isn’t much for small talk and deliberate getting to know each other. Instead, it seems to dive in right to the point – which is fine by me!

I’m surprised that I got so much sense out of a reading that contains only court cards, so that’s one thing that the Deviant Moon seems to do well: portray court characters readably.

The LWB doesn’t help me much. The card descriptions don’t mirror what I see in the images, and the meanings seem pretty generic RWS. I don’t think I’ll be using it much.


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