Why “Deck of the Week”?


I thought I’d say some more about my motivations for participating in the “Deck of the Week” project.

The basic idea behind the project as explained on AT is to use all our tarot and oracle decks more or less exclusively for a week. Who knows, maybe there are hidden gems in the collection that we haven’t discovered because we always reach for the same five decks? Maybe there are decks that we really could let go because there seems no way we’ll ever be using them again outside of projects like this (of clourse this only applies to those of us – like me – who want a collection of only decks they actually read with)?

Committing to a deck for a week is way less intimidating than doing so for months on end. I’ve done several Intensive Deck Studies (aka IDSs) in the past, where I chose a deck and used/studied (more using than studying in my case) it exclusively for at least two months, often longer. Dedicating a week to a deck also seems a lot more do-able, especially with decks that don’t already have a special place in my heart and stack of trusted reading decks, or that I can’t wait to explore in more depth.

I’ve noticed that I usually reach for decks I already know well (often because I’ve IDSed with them before) to do my readings, with the possible exception of the ISG exchanges (Intuitive Study Group, a wonderful monthly AT reading circle that allows only readings without falling back onto any prescribed, standard, traditional meanings). While it’s good to know that there are a handful of decks that feel familiar enough for me to trust they’ll give good readings even when I’m confused myself, it’s also a pity to have all these other decks and never use them.

So I want to broaden my horizon and get at least a nibble of more of my decks. I got all of them for a reason, and I want to find out if they actually are what I hoped them to be when I clicked “buy” or sent the PM that agreed to a sale or trade. I’ll be perfectly fine if some of them end up on my trade/sale list, because I’d rather have fewer decks that I actually read with than shelves and shelves full of unused beauties. I’m just not a collector who finds joy in collecting as such. I want a working collection where I can and do comfortably use all of my decks (although probably not equally often).

Another reason to participate in this project is my desire to do all this as part of a loose group of people with the same interest. Putting out my thoughts and experiences before the eyes of such a group (and whoever else comes across this blog and sticks around to read) also motivates me to do this, since I think much better in conversation that I do in mental soliloquies.

Which also means that I explicitly welcome your comments, questions, and ideas on this blog!


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