New Deck Interview: Waking the Wild Spirit


Here’s my first reading with the Waking the Wild Spirit deck (from now on referred to as Wild Spirit for brevity). I decided to go with another New Deck Interview, hoping that I’ll get the hang of them eventually. Also, because I found it useful to revisit that Interview at the end of the week. So, here we go.

(Note: the first title given is the one still left on my cards; the second one is the one I cut off; the third is the RWS title so I can better tag the cards.)

What do I need to learn from you during this week? – Strong Spirit / Lord of the Wild (Emperor) 

A man with antlers on his head stands in front of a wall with prehistoric rock paintings. He is surrounded by several stone tools and weapons and carries a flaming torch. His necklace is made from bones and shells.

I’m strongly reminded of the antlered figures in the Greenwood Tarot. I also associate a shamanic worldview and spirituality with the image. As a hunter, this guy needs to be in tune with nature and with the animals he hunts.

I suppose that means I’m in for a change of tone and focus this week. Maybe this deck will help me reconnect to my own shamanic practice? I’m not quite sure what to make of the emphasis on (physical) masculinity since that is the one bit to which I don’t relate much. We’ll see.

How can I learn best from you?Magical Spirit / Cunning Man (Magician)

A man is jumping over a fire, rumblestiltskin-like. Several nature spirits are with him and dance around a tree or sit on a rock, holding an apple. There are also two black birds, seemingly conjured up by the man. He wears big feathers on his hat and holds a wand decorated with bells and bones.

I take that to mean that some celebration of nature is in order (interestingly, it’s fall in the card, just as it is here). It might help to light a candle here and there, or take the deck outside to read. Makes sense, since so much of the Wild Spirit is about nature!

Our future relationship? – The Gypsy / Knight of Fire

Another bearded man! This is a close-up of a man’s face surrounded by brown leaves and acorns, chestnuts, and other tree seeds. He looks to my right, which I associate with the future.

Will the Gypsy move on after this week? Or will we embark on a journey together? Right now, I’m leaning towards the former, but that may just be the unfamiliarity with this deck speaking.


I’m surprised that there isn’t a single woman or clearly recognizable animal on either of the three cards. Does that mean the Wild Spirit won’t give me much to relate to? I mean, it’s not as if I can’t relate to masculinity (I’m told I behave rather masculine at times, long hair and nail polish aside), but I don’t feel drawn to this kind of physical masculinity (and I certainly don’t identify with it). I don’t quite know what to make of this, but maybe it will all become clearer over the next few days… I admit, I’m a bit disappointed because I had hoped for a better start with this deck!

ETA: I forgot the quasi-LWB text, and now that I’ve looked at it, it doesn’t seem like a big loss. According to it, the first card is about “wild male power channelled responsibly.” Okay, I can see that in the image with a bit of a stretch. The second one is about “philosophical thought and wise spiritual teaching, perhaps communicated by a knowledgeable teacher.” I’m sorry, but that is so not what the picture conveys to me. Finally, the last card “shows how we can make a commitment to a particular passionate cause or run a personal risk for the sake of what we hold dear.” Yeah, right. A man’s face surrounded by fall foliage shows commitment to a cause how exactly? Oh dear. I can feel the desire to bling coming on again…


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  1. Just glancing at the trio and speed reading I see them showing the three sides of you.
    Qualified and practical, full of fun, and sometimes reticent and shy, you aren’t an open book. Everything I like in a friend :)
    I think you’ll like the deck after you’ll used it for a while. Poppy said she designed it as an oracle and the publisher insisted on calling it tarot. So an open mind will be accepted by the cards.

    On the other hand after two one week periods I put it in my sale pile with the AnnaK.

  2. Thank you for your take on the cards I drew, Sharyn – I like your interpretation!
    An open mind shouldn’t be the problem. I think my initial hesitations about this deck may be more about my tendency to see the “room for improvement” first in things that don’t immediately enthuse me. I usually come round to a more balanced picture (as I do with the things I initially was all excited about)… As long as I’m still curious, there’s hope!

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