Revisiting the Deviant Moon’s New Deck Interview


Since this is my last day with the Deviant Moon Tarot, I thought I’d revisit the New Deck Interview that I did with it initially. I want to see if I understand it better now that I’ve used the Deviant Moon for a couple of days (initially, I couldn’t apply the reading to the deck very well and took it mostly as a reflection of my job situation).

The spread positions and the cards I drew were these.

What do I need to learn from you during this week? ā€“ Knight of Swords

Looking back onto the week, I’d say I needed to learn not to stick with my initial averse reaction to the Deviant Moon. I needed to learn not to judge it too quickly and dismiss it as too confining in its tone (I now see the Knight as within the city, not outside of it).

How will you teach me? ā€“ Knight of Wands

Obviously, I needed to get up close and personal with the deck. See how we fit together, where we could connect. Looking at the card this time, the violet wings stick out and remind me of all the fairy-glitter options I had when I blinged the Hermit card. Strangely enough, that exercise made me understand the Hermit card and the Deviant Moon in general much better. I can now relate much better to its weirdness, and see some of my own experience of feeling like a freak mirrored in its images.

Our future relationship? King of Swords

I think I will keep the Deviant Moon for a bit longer, just like the King here keeps his pet demon, and the pet demon keeps his world. I don’t see it evolving into one of my favorite decks, but I can see myself encountering it again in another “deck of the week” week (assuming I’ll continue with this project for long enough). I mean, how can I not at least like a deck where so many male/masculine figures wear bright red nail polish and lipstick? (Yes, I will use any excuse to indulge in my over-two-decades-old Rocky Horror obsession.)

In fact, the way gender is portrayed in the Deviant Moon would be worth a closer look. Not being immediately annoyed by stereotypical depictions of gender does count for something in my world. I think I shall write another post on that topic now…


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