Revisiting yesterday’s reading


Turns out that my volunteer group meeting (that I read about yesterday) was cancelled because the woman who runs it got sick…

So, how does that change my interpretation of the cards?

1. What’s At HandFree Spirit / Wandering Minstrel (Fool)

I gained some unexpected free time to use however I like.

2. Past InfluencesSpiral Dance / Six of Fire

The “mysterious intrusion” I pondered yesterday could be whatever virus or germ caused the group leader’s sickness.

3. Ponder ThisSpirit of Change / Rebirth (Death)

The meeting quite literally “died”!

4. What To DoThe Trickster / Page of Air

Yesterday, I wrote:

Maybe I can turn my oddness (as indicated by the Free Spirit) into such a role so that it will contribute to positive outcomes? At the very least this tells me to stay true to myself and not conform to any rules that don’t feel right to me.

Today, I believe this means I have the time to work on another project where being a trickster might become relevant.


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