Flora and Fauna of Waking the Wild Spirit


Since some of the plants and animals stood out in my readings this week, I decided to look through the deck and make a list of the ones I could identify. (I once did the same with the Greenwood Tarot where it yielded a few interesting insights.)

Animals (bold = more than one appearance):

  • birds
    • bird of prey (buzzard/hawk, falcon/kestrel)
    • owl (barn owl, little owl)
    • crow/raven
    • swan
    • blackbird
    • swallow
    • heron
    • dove
    • magpie, jay, stork, seagull, kingfisher, blue tit, finch
  • mammals
    • horse/unicorn
    • rabbit/hare
    • deer/stag
    • fox
    • cat
    • dog
    • hedgehog, badger, mouse, bear, wolf
  • reptiles/amphibians
    • frog/toad
    • snake
  • other
    • butterfly (several kinds)/moth
    • snail
    • shell (several kinds)
    • spider, bee, stag beetle, centipede, wood louse, worm, fish

The most common animals are birds in general (especially birds of prey and owls), horses, and butterflies/moths. That is, if we’re not counting humans, fairies, or elves.


  • flowers
    • poppy
    • cornflower
    • daisy
    • bell flower/bluebell, rose hip/briar rose, rose, forget-me-not
  • trees + leaves
    • beech
    • ivy
    • holly, chestnut, oak, maple, linden/lime, yew
  • vegetables + fruit
    • strawberry
    • apple
    • blackberry
    • tomato, artichoke, carrot, potato, corn, string bean, garlic
  • other
    • fungi (fly agaric, parasol, morel(?), boletus(?))
    • wheat

The most common plants are poppy flowers (which is perhaps to be expected since the creators name is Poppy Palin) and corn flowers.

Several cards have plants and animals that could be identifiable if I knew more about the different species:

  • leaves (Magical Spirit, The Gypsy, Spring, Fledgeling, Wise Counsellor)
  • flowers (Wild Harvest, Full Bloom, Blood Bond, Spirit of Love, Mother of Life, Awakening Spirit, Wildwitch, The Storyteller)
  • birds (Tools, Hovering, Spiral Dance, Seed)

All the flora and fauna of the deck are indeed native to Europe (except the unicorn), which means they feel familar to me and I can read them comparatively well. That said, I still have looked up several plants to find out if they have any particular characteristics or uses or mythologies attached to them.

Finally, here are some numbers:

  • 24 cards feature animals but no plants (besides generic grass or trees)
  • 14 cars have only plants but no animals (besides generic bird shapes)
  • 22 cards have both identifiable plants and animals
  • 18 cards feature neither plants nor animals (some show generic trees or grass, or bird shapes, but no identifiable species)

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