New Deck Interview: Discordian Deck


It’s pretty late here already, but I couldn’t resist doing a new deck interview with at least one of my new decks of the week.

So, here’s what the Discordian Deck gave me.

What do I need to learn from you during this week? – Joker

A woman juggles the suit symbols of the Discordian Deck. The line on the explanation card says this is the “wild card, means whatever.”

I take that to mean that I need to learn how to juggle all the elements of life, and that I’m the one who decides what things mean to me. Sounds intriguing!

How can I learn best from you? – The Bavarian Illuminati

Orderly lines of lighter and darker tiny gray people make a pyramid with an eye at the top. The explanation for this card is “folk of order” or “aneristic group or groups.”

Apparently, I need to look for people who provide/proclaim/preserve order. Not exactly what I would have expected from a Discordian Deck, but then again it’s nicely contradictory.

(I also can’t help smiling about the fact that once again Bavaria seems to act as a stand-in for all of Germany, and that Germany is associated with strict order and crazy conspiracies. No wonder I don’t identify much with the label of “German” beyond it being a descriptor of my place of birth and residence!)

Our future relationship? – Discord (Season of Booms)

Five lines connect five pebbles into a five-pointed star. According to the document about the Discordian seasons, “This is the universe as humans begin to get the idea that there is something to be said about it. ‘Disorder!’ they said, falling for the Eristic Illusion hook, line, and sinker. ‘It’s all disorder!’ Fortunately, disorder is something we can enjoy. Apostle Dr. Van Van Mojo helped with this by being the first to turn drumming from a monotonous beat into a semichaotic jam.”

We won’t get along without discord but it will still be enjoyable? Sounds good to me!


Can I just mention that I love the suit symbols? This one looks like a cloud, like a cochlea, like a curled up cat without ears or tail, like a boxing glove – and the keywords for the suit of Booms are “Hearing, Air, Action.”

I’m struck by the fact that I didn’t get a single number card, but two trumps. Maybe this little deck will turn out to be more important than I think?


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