Greyface & Lazy Leopard


Since I don’t have any pressing new issues to read about, I thought I’d do a general mind/body/spirit/emotions reading. This is supposed to both be about where I am right now and what I can do to improve that or how I can progress from that.

I’m combining both of my decks of the week for this one.

1 – 2 – 3 – 4

1. MindQueen of Cups + Greyface

On seeing the Queen, I totally wanted to touch the back of my hand to my forehead in a dramatic sigh – Aaahh! She is misunderstood, underappreciated, demands a lot of space and attention, and is all around pretty high maintenance. She does indeed have something to say about the path to happiness (see that little note in her hand?), but that message gets lost because people perceive her to be all drama all the time, for the sake of drama.

Greyface, on the other hand, is stiff, rigid, tense. Not much in touch with the world, as indicated by the tiny little sticks he has for hands and feet. Has a big head with a strange bump (another Nocturnomath?). The LWW (little white website) says he’s “a person on the all-order trip.”

I can totally see the conflict here: Greyface trying to reign in the Queen (he’s a bit embarrassed by her expansive personality), the Queen trying to get Greyface to pay attention to her needs (isn’t she expressing them clearly enough?). And yes, I know that conflict. A part of my mind wants to go big and follow every mood where it takes me, and another part of my mind desperately tries to shush these demands and instate some kind of structure and order to all the overboarding expansiveness.

So, how to bring these two together? Maybe the key lies in the other bird with the fishing rod. He still wears a suit but his pants legs are rolled up and his feet are in the water. He could point to the need to calm down every once in a while and let things happen instead of trying to make them happen. Sounds like good advice to both of the other two! And it makes sense to me because all too often my mind rushes around, skipping from one idea to the next project by way of another line of thought. In that mad rush, I lose my focus and peace of mind. So it seems beneficial to take a pause regularly, and do nothing but stare onto a body of water… (which is in fact one of the most relaxing and calming things to do for me).

2. BodySeven of Coins + One of Pungents

Just looking at that kitchen scene makes me hungry! In fact, as I’m writing this, my Beloved is preparing some food for us. (But wait, that dog-waiter is licking the roasted haunch he’s carrying! Yuck!) Anyhow, the two most noticeable elements of this card are food and fire, both of which I’ve been neglecting a bit the last few days. When I immerse myself in something, it can take a long time until I even notice I’m hungry or cold. This is clearly a hint for me to take better care of my physical comfort and needs.

The One of Pungents tells me why: because I need just the right amount of fuel for my pursuits. (This is a brilliant suit symbol. It looks like a pig’s snout to me, as well as like an electrical outlet. Which both fits very well with the suit associations of smell, aether, intensity.)

3. SpiritThree of Cups + Joker

I have to confess, I never quite know what is meant by “spirit” here. Spirituality? That… spark (that is the breath… of life)?! … Ahem. After a delightful pause of watching Rocky Horror-related stuff on YouTube, I’ll go with the latter. Fits with the Wands suit, too (if you assume that all of these are connected to a suit: Mind/swords, body/coins, emotions/cups).

So, back to actually reading the card! There’s reason to celebrate, even though not everyone may be able to keep up (that frog looks a bit worn-out already). I don’t quite relate to the overflowing champagne here, but I do relate to the Joker juggling five suit symbols up there.

While the juggling suggest alternating between a range of things at high speed, it also points to the skill required to be able to actually do so without dropping any of the balls. So this tells me that I need to concentrate on what I want to do during my holiday (right now) so the whole celebration of lots of free time doesn’t end with a “hangover” because I didn’t know my limits.

4. EmotionsKing of Coins + Four of Sweets

The first thing I notice is the snake belt buckle of the King. And then I see the parrot biting him in the nose. And only then do I take in the entire scene. To me, that says I need to pay attention to my gut feelings or something will come back to bite me.

Together with the Four of Sweets, which is about an excess of pleasure, this suggests that I shouldn’t overdo the living according to the pleasure principle — see the two cards above. (The suit symbol here is also great: a drop/tongue with a smile that is related to taste, water, and pleasure.) I’m also prompted to think a bit more about what is the real luxury and comfort for me, and what’s a short-term surrogate for that…


All in all, I’d say this reading calls for balance and focus so the gift of free time isn’t wasted. I’m not surprised about that message, but it’s still a good reminder.

Even though these two decks couldn’t be much different in terms of art styles, they work very well together. I’m also liking the Discordian Deck better every time I use it. At first, it looked so simple that I doubted if I would be able to do any in-depth readings with it. I was afraid that every reading would be either saying “you need more order” or “you need more disorder.” But this little deck can do so much more, and I find that the reduction to simple messages like “too much pleasure” or “too little bizarreness” or “accepting ideas” is a welcome contrast to decks that can’t stop talking even during a one-card reading because they offer so much detail that you completely lose the point of it all. The Fantastic Menagerie, for example, could be such a deck. There are so many more details in each of these cards that I didn’t even consider! But here the Discordian worked very well to keep all that rambling in check. Nice!


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  1. My life is mundane or at least crisis-less so I seldom have anything to read about either :) hence the daily card on my blog. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment, all the best, Sharyn/AJ

  2. Yes, your concept makes immediate sense, and you do it very well indeed.
    I may eventually borrow the idea and see how my own twist on it looks like. After all, daily readings about the day have never worked very well for me (neither predictively nor retrospectively), so if I want to keep using my cards outside of readings for others (which I would only post here with consent and as an exception), I’ll have to think of something else do do with the decks. At the moment, however, I’m happy trying out different things as my moods take me.

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