The “Bavarian Illuminati” in action


Today, I was informed by a private moderator message that the links to the Discordian Tarot I had given in a tarot forum thread were removed because they didn’t go to the website of the creators, which meant that they violated copyright issues.

Which is highly amusing, considering the fact that the deck has been released under a copyleft license and everyone is invited to “reprint or embellish to [our] heart’s content” by the deck’s creators.

So I wrote back a message with just that information and requested the approval to restore the links. I put the same message on the respective thread, with a picture of the copyleft license for easy verification. (Which may just have turned me into a Greyface of a different shade of grey, mind you, so the joke yould be all on me.)

I then received another message that said it was okay to restore one link but not the other (huh? they’re both on the exact same website, without any other links to any other decks). I decided to skip the smartassing this time (which was a bit of an effort, to be honest) and just restored the link to the second edition of the deck and added directions to the first version. Which is also almost linked by that tarot website in its review section. But nevermind.

Then I received yet another message that informed me that both the moderating comment and my comment quoting it (and showing the license) had been removed because they were “no longer necessary.”

Which seems like a wonderful example of how the “Bavarian Illuminati” might act in real life: Order must be restored in any case, and all traces of disorder need to be eliminated. The Discordian Deck has really brought some highly amusing insights into my life. This one’s definitely a keeper!

*still grinning*


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