Revisiting the new deck interviews: Discordian + Fantastic Menagerie


The first thing I take with me for future weeks is not to pick two decks at the same time again. I did read with the Fantastic Menagerie in two exchanges but I really didn’t spend much time exploring it otherwise. So I’ll keep its number on the list so it can come up again.

I’ve spent more time with the Discordian Deck, which was very nice. I didn’t get to finish reading the Principia Discordia within the week, but I think I’ll keep reading it even when I switch decks now. There’s only a quarter of it left, and it’s not really a big book.

So let’s look back at the initial readings I did with the two decks this week. The Discordian is first.

What do I need to learn from you during this week? – Joker

I did a lot of juggling this week, that’s true enough. I couldn’t keep all my balls up in the air the way I would have liked it best, but it was still okay.

How can I learn best from you?The Bavarian Illuminati

The Bavarian Illuminati were indeed very helpful for my understanding of Discordian thought. The discord/order theme has also been an interesting more general grid to look through this week.

Our future relationship? – Discord (Season of Booms)

Looking back I take this to mean that things haven’t been as disordered as they’ve felt at times. It was just a rather unusual order…

Now for the Fantastic Menagerie.

What do I need to learn from you during this week? Seven of Swords

My impression of the deck as less harmless as it seems still stands. The combined reading also went very well.

How can I learn best from you?Three of Swords

Well, I didn’t quite manage to make enough time for this deck. But, as I said, the two of them were a great team when it came to combined reading.

Our future relationship? – King of Swords

I still believe the Fantastic Menagerie will remain further down on my favorites list.

The swords-only thing makes sense looking back because I actually took time I would otherwise have used for the FM and spent it on a project that’s very much concerned with swords themes.

I feel that I could have gotten so much more out of both of these decks, so I’ll be happy to return to them later on!


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  1. The Principia Discordia entered our space time continuum almost as unobtrusively as a cat burglar creeping over a windowsill.

    — The posts about the Discordian Deck really get the best spam comments! ~Cat

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