New Deck Interview: Margarete Petersen


My new deck interview this week is a bit late since I was busy all weekend.

Margarete Petersen - Daughter of Feathers + Magic + Six of Coins

What do I need to learn from you during this week? – Daughter of Feathers (Knight of Swords)

A blue woman jumping up in a karate-like kick, a blue Chinese dragon, a light blue feather.

This is a dynamic, powerful image. The martial arts references make me think of discipline in the sense of doing something over and over again until you don’t have to think about it anymore, until it has become a habit. Also in the sense of doing it regardless of your mood, doing it when you’re happy, sad, angry, bored, frustrated. Doesn’t matter, just doing it. And finding that it helps with centering, grounding, balancing yourself. (It also makes me think that I really want to see Karate Kid with a girl in the leading role.)

Discipline makes sense to me. In terms of the deck I’d say I need to read with it to learn how to read it. But a little more self-discipline wouldn’t hurt me more generally, either.

From the companion booklet comes this quote for the card, which describes what I would indeed like to be able to do at will:

Weightlessly focusing my thoughts, effortlessly reaching my goal.

How can I learn best from you?Magic (The Magician)

A face, bracing itself against the storm of colors going on around it. Harlequin checkers, bricks, snake skin, cursive writing. A moon-knife.

Brace yourself to stay centered within the storm. Look for details. Cut through to the core.

Audible breath.

Since I didn’t know what to make of this card, I decided to see if the Aeclectic study group for the deck offered something useful. I found a thread where Firemaiden said the face was supposed to be a sitar and a mask, and then went on to bring all of them together in a great insightful post. This helped me understand a lot better how the artist may have meant the card to be read, and it’s also very interesting in itself.

Then again, I myself did not see a mask, I saw a face. I did not see a sitar, and only found the bird after I read about it. I am bothered by the oppressive flat, golden square pressing down onto the head. The face looks crossed out to me by the white paint. The feeling is highly uncomfortable.

I’m not sure what to make of this for this reading, so I’ll leave this card with a question mark for now…

Our future relationship? – Six of Coins

Two hand prints, two feet prints, warm ochre, symmetry. No, make that four hand prints.

It looks as if I will try to feel myself into the deck but will remain slightly off (but still close enough). The prints could be long-term like hand printings in cave art, or short-term like footprints in the sand at the beach. So it’s not yet determined how lasting the imprint of this deck will be for me.

The two hands could be touching someone, palm-to-palm. Or they could be fending off something. It’s all very ambiguous. But maybe that is how my relationship with this deck will be? Drawn towards it and repelled at the same time? And didn’t I say the same about a certain kind of feminist spirituality in my initial post about this deck? Interesting!

Giving and taking. […] An exchange without blockages.


Some of the cards are immediately readable to me, others remain incomprehensible (unless I let someone else tell me what they mean). This could be a deck that needs a lot more time than a week. After all, it was 22 years in the making, with another nine years for the companion book “Narrensprünge” which was only published last year. Frankly, that seems a ridiculously long time for any one project, an opinion which is of course informed by the fact that I myself move on from things a lot sooner (then again, 78 different cards plus a book could also be considered 79 different projects, and anyhow, who am I to judge another’s creative process?)…

I think this will be an interesting week.


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