A Halloween story


Pandora MoonRaven had the brilliant idea to open a Halloween story contest on AT. Here’s what she wrote:

You can use any deck of your choice. Pull 3-5 cards randomly after shuffling. Write a Halloween story for us based off these cards. It can be spooky and full of chills and thrills or fun. Your choice.[…]
Word limit – 1500 little more wiggle room!
Submit to me by the 25th
On the 25th I will post all of the stories I have received anonymously and open it up to voting. The stories will be numbered so you will be voting on Story 1 or Story 2 etc.
Please include deck and which cards. I do think this will help because this is supposed to be fun and a learning experience for us all so if we can know what cards and the images that would be awesome.
On the 31st I will post the winners.

I decided to publish this post here now two days before the voting deadline ends because I assume it’s pretty obvious that my story was the one inspired by the Margarete Petersen deck (since I usually put my deck of the week into my AT signature).  So, hey, if you like my story best and have access to AT, feel free to give me your vote!

My story is not exactly a complete story in and of itself, but more of a scene from a larger story. It’s exactly (and absolutely coincidentally!) 666 words, though! *evil grin*

Cards on which the story is based: Five of Flames, Son of Coins, Three of Coins

The kids were fighting. Simon shoved his brother Tim out of the way. Their sister Sheila wiggled past them to the front. Everyone yelled and screamed, grabbed and pushed. Their mother Karen clasped her hands to her head in desperation. It was the same every year. All of them wanted the best spot in front of the mirror to put on their Halloween make-up, in a bathroom that was small to begin with.

As every year, after many a  “Get out of the way, moron!” and “Ouch! Keep your pointy elbows to yourself, will you?!” and “Mooo-oom! He’s using up all the black!” eventually everyone was ready to go trick-or-treating.
“Bye, Mom!”
“Have fun and don’t be mean to Mr. Snyder again! Respect that he’s not into Halloween, okay?”
“Yeah, yeah. He’s no fun anyway. Hey, Sheila, what do you think? Will the Helmerson’s have that spooky labyrinth in their house again?”
“See you later, Mom!”
And off they went.

Karen closed the door behind them. Maybe it was a good idea that the kids spent some of their boundless energy at home already. Who knew what they’d come up with otherwise once they were finally on the loose? They had been getting more and more excited with every day. Yesterday night, the three of them had all carved pumpkins together, making a big mess out of the kitchen. Especially after Sheila had thrown a piece of pumpkin at her younger brother. At least that was what she was told by an indignant Simon. Judging from the appearance of the kitchen when Karen had come home from the late shift, that had quickly developed into flying handfuls of pumpkin goo and a hurried attempt at cleaning up the worst of it before she came home. She hadn’t had the energy to do a more thorough cleaning that night, so she had just flicked off the light again.

Karen sank into her favorite old armchair with a deep sigh. How nice and quiet it was, now that the kids were gone! With three kids, the times when she had the house to herself were few and far between, so she used every opportunity to make the most of them. She put on some of her favorite meditative music and started to relax. After a few minutes, she could feel the tension trickle off her shoulders like rivulets of water. She pulled up her naked feet under her cozy blanket and snuggled deeper into the armchair, slowly drifting off into no-thinking land. Aaahhh.

After a while, she decided to get up and make herself a cup of tea. She padded into the kitchen, reached for the water cooker, turned to the sink for water, reached over to the box of tea bags on the shelf, … damn! Empty again! She stepped over to the cupboard where they kept the spare ones, and stretched to get at the box that was nearly out of her reach, having to stand on tiptoes on one leg. Who had put the box on the top shelf anyway? There, she had it. Her foot came back down, landed in something cold, wet, and mushy, she slipped, lost balance and landed on her butt. Ouch! Great. So much for cleaning up the pumpkin mess. Something cold and squishy called her attention towards her upper leg. Yuck, and it now she sat in it, too!

She got up, sighing loudly, dropped the pair of sweat pants she was wearing, and wiped off the pumpkin goo from her foot with it. That thing had to go into the laundry anyway. Looking down on herself in the harsh kitchen light, she had to admit that she really needed to go and buy some new underwear to replace the old, discolored but oh-so-comfy ones she was wearing. Maybe next weekend. She threw the bunched-up pants down the stairs towards the laundry room in the basement and bent down to pick up the box of teabags.

The doorbell rang.


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