New deck: Tarot Balbi


For this week, the random numbers suggest a choice between these three decks:

Although I was tempted to compare the two versions of the Baum Tarot I own (the original one cut from the book “Madru” and the redesigned one published as a stand-alone deck) it didn’t seem quite right to focus on a deck so full of flowers and green leaves when ther leaves are actually falling as we speak. So I chose the Tarot Balbi for this week.

This is another deck I never used before. It’s actually still in its original order, so apparently I didn’t even shuffle it. I think I got it while I was doing an Intensive Deck Study with the Greenwood Tarot, so that would explain why I paid so little attention to it when it arrived here.

Initial impressions, after some thorough shuffling:

I like the card size and format; they feel good in my hands and are easy to shuffle. The backs are also very pretty with their bright green floral pattern on a deep reddish-purple background. One of the things that attracted me to the deck in the first place were it’s bright colors. I still love them!

The pips of this deck are non-scenic, so that will be a challenge for me (I don’t have much experience with reading non-scenic pips). There are also Hebrew letters and/or astrological symbols in the majors and at least some of the courts. I don’t think I will dive head-first into these related topics, but then I never know what will take my fancy, so who knows?

I did a bit of googling and found out that the Balbi assigns the elements to the suits in this way:

  • Wands – Fire
  • Cups – Air
  • Swords – Water
  • Disks – Earth

I’m not sure how much this will influence my readings with this deck, but I might do a post just pondering these associations.

I can already see lots of opportunities to work with this deck. Good!


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