Rearranging furniture with the tarot


I’m currently rearranging the furniture in my room, which also comes with a lot of sorting through, sorting out, and doing away with many accumulations of dust. In the beginning I wasn’t sure where to place two of the main elements of the room: my bed and my desk. I have a paper version of my room with all pieces of furniture I own so I don’t have to measure everything again and again when I want to move things around again (I initially made it about seven years or so and have added to it and used it plenty of times since). Visual thinkers like me need things like that. So I tried out all sorts of placements on paper but still couldn’t decide. This is when I  reached for the Margarete Petersen deck and pulled a card for the bed, one for the desk, and another one for the general rearrangement.

The Four of Cups for the desk clearly showed a window with a piece of visible sky. So the desk now goes back to the window, since that is the only place where I can directly see more than a tiny glimpse of sky (I’m on the ground floor with bushes and trees surrounding a small terrace).

The Four of Coins for the bed felt very withdrawn (in a nice way), so now the bed in back in the furthest corner of the room, with a shelf placed next to it so that a cozy little corner is created. This corner now conveniently blocks much of what I could focus on instead of sleeping. The card image also has a snake coiled around the squares in the middle of the card, which emphasizes the importance of this. The companion booklet says:

Occupy your space, establish boundaries, structure yourself, and come to rest.

The Seven of Coins for the general project has a plant, humans, bones, and lots of space, so I’m aiming for as much empty space as possible, so I can grow new things (ideas, projects, crafts…) in this room. It also feels like a spiritual card to me (maybe it’s the cave paintings?), so that’s another element that plays a big role in my rearrangements. From the companion booklet:

Growth is possible because of decay. Decay is inevitable because of growth. […] Don’t interfere; commit yourself to the process of growth.

That reminds me of how sorting through old stuff always also means looking at my own past and deciding which parts get to come with me into the future and which parts I will let go of so they can be recycled into something else, by whatever means seems appropriate.

I’m not finished with the process of the rearrangements, yet, but I have a good feeling about this. My first two night in the newly placed bed were definitely a change for the better!


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