Revisiting the new deck interview: Margarete Petersen


Before I choose my next deck, let’s look back on this week’s first reading.

Margarete Petersen - Daughter of Feathers + Magic + Six of CoinsWhat do I need to learn from you during this week? – Daughter of Feathers (Knight of Swords)

I can’t say I found much more self-discipline this week, but I clearly recognize the need for it. A small success was taking care of three difficult phone calls without too much procrastination (the Universe made it really easy for me and had two of the people call me…).

I have also realized a few things about me and my needs in this week that I can relate to the mental clarity I can see in the martial arts picture.

How can I learn best from you?Magic (The Magician)

Interestingly, the process of reading this card mirrored my issues with this deck perfectly. I learned that I first need to go with what I see, no matter if it fits with Margarete Petersen herself writes about the card or what anyone on AT says about it. After that, however, reading what other people wrote can indeed enrich my understanding of a card.

I also believe that — like magic — this deck requires my full attention to be able to read with it best. There’s very little space for half-hearted, half-focused, or half-interested readings here. I guess that’s a good thing, although it rules out the deck for any kind of quickie readings.

Our future relationship? – Six of Coins

Give and take indeed. If I don’t give my attention, I won’t get much in the way of readings.

After this week, I can say the Margarete Petersen Tarot is a keeper for me. I can see myself using it for 1-3 card readings on issues that need more of a mirror of moods than practical, everyday world advice.

Maybe this deck needs to be discovered (nearly) as slowly as it has been created?At any rate, I’m looking forward to more explorations of these cards later on.


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  1. I was surprised at the level of envy until I found out that the deck is not readily available anymore. Didn’t know that! It was still in print when I got it a couple of years ago.
    But hey, there are always the scans (check out the “Decks” page if you haven’t already done so)…

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