Goodbye, Balbi (for now)…


Sheesh, another week has passed very quickly! I’ve been busy most evenings once again, plus we had no internet for Friday and Saturday. I regret that I didn’t get more time to do things with the Balbi, and I did think about adding an extra week with that deck, but then I thought it’s better to stop when I still want more… So I’m sticking to my one week per deck schedule and will pick a new one in a bit. The Balbi is definitely a keeper, and I’m already looking forward to spending more time with it later on.

Since I haven’t done a New deck Interview this week, I can’t do my usual revisiting of that. Instead, I’ll ask it for any parting words it may have for me (no positional meanings).

3 Copas (3 Cups) — 1 Oros (Ace of Coins) — XIII (Death)

The Three of Cups is the card that introduced me to the Tarot Balbi a while ago when I got a reading from a fellow AT member (it was very accurate and helpful). I’m not even sure if there were more cards in the reading, because I only remember this one. The center with its spiral makes me think of the bellydance party I went to yesterday. It was a very joyful celebration indeed, with an outpouring of friendly and exuberant energy, and all worries were relegated to the outside of it. I didn’t know how much I missed dancing with other women (freestyle, not choreography) just for the fun of it. And I love the way bellydance allows me to pick up someone else’s move for an instant connection with a stranger, throw an inviting grin across the dance floor at a newcomer, revel in the beauty of all these different women and all their different ways of turning music into movement, shamelessly express my joy in my own body, and just share an altogether good time with each other without any bitchiness. I missed that. (Interestingly, the two older-than-me women I pegged as lesbians were the ones least open to my attempts at sharing a moment of dance together. Which was a pity because they seemed like nice people, and I always like meeting other queers at non-queer events.)

The Ace of Coins with its astrological symbols reminds me how much of the Balbi’s depths I never even touched upon — numerology, kabbalah, astrology… It also makes me think of my incomplete study of the deck’s court cards (many of which are associated with an astrological sign). Stuff for the long list of things to do at some other point in my life (unless I decide otherwise)! So, for today, I just have the picture I took when I laid out all the courts. Suits, left to right: Copas (Cups), Espadas (Swords), Bastos (Wands), Oros (Coins); ranks, top to bottom: Sota (Page), Caballo (Knight), Reina (Queen), Rey (King). My favorite card in the entire deck is the Reina de Bastos (Queen of Wands).

The final card, the unnamed XIII (Death), tells me that the week with this deck is over. For some reason, I like the goggle-like eyes and red head scarf and loin cloth the skeleton is wearing. The randomly chopped off heads, hands, and feet could be gruesome, but mostly look like they’re growing out of the ground like flowers. Which in itself is a great illustration of the circle of life and death where something has to die so something else can live/grow. Indeed, this week saw my last quasi-supervision meeting with the “old” hospice organization, and the email telling me I have been accepted for training at the “new” hospice service (in that order). I still feel I’m in a period of change all around, so Death seems a suitable card to signify that.

Well, dear Balbi, it has been a colorful week with you! Hope to reconnect with you later on and get to know you a bit more in-depth. This deck could be a great candidate for an Intensive Deck Study (IDS). I think I’m now less afraid to read with non-scenic pips because the Balbi ones offer so much in the way of colors and arrangements and “decorations” that they hardly feel much different than the rest of the deck.

P.S. As I was just updating the Decks page with some more links for the Balbi, it struck me as funny that the deck is based on writings by a guy named Eudes Picard, and I did a reading with it about a TV series where the spaceship captain is called Jean-Luc Picard


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  1. I’m with you here: the colors ARE gorgeous, and even more so when they haven’t been photographed with my crappy little cell phone camera (the gray carpet probably doesn’t help much, either). Thanks for stopping by here!

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