Hubble originals vs. Quantum cards


While I was looking for suitable links relevant for the Quantum Tarot for the Decks page, I found two websites with Hubble space telescope photographs. Even just on the first page of one of the websites, I found several images that eventually became tarot cards. Most of the originals have been stretched, turned, mirrored or otherwise adapted to the card format, but not beyong recognition.

See for yourself  — and please excuse the bad quality of my cell phone photos that make the tarot cards look terribly washed out compared to the original pictures (I promise, the actual deck is as richly colored as the Hubble images).

8 of Pentacles (other sizes of space photo):

Moon (other sizes):

Ace of Cups (other sizes):

7 of Cups (other sizes):

10 of Cups (other sizes):

Hanged Man (other sizes)

Have fun finding more of the images yourself!

Or, if that doesn’t sound like a worthwhile use of your time, just use this shortcut: a list with all the image sources and links to the original pictures, provided by the Quantum Tarot website.


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