Hello, Navigators…


I found a different version of a New Deck spread here, on one of the early reading exchange threads for the Deck of the Week people, so I’m curious to try it with the Navigators Tarot of the Mystic SEA. I slightly reworded some of the positions.

1. What key lesson does this deck have for me this week? Chariot

There’s a bat hanging from a microphone stand. The microphone cord ends at the shoulder of a kneeling person who has their mouth taped shut. The person offers a sword to a woman with her foot on a small chariot on two wheels. However, there are no actual reigns between her hand and the horses. She seems to be guiding the animals by telepathy.

To me, this says “stop talking, start acting.” Or, “stop announcing what you will do and just do it instead.”

It also tells me the most important powers I need to move forward are my mental capacities, not any kind of physical force. An attitude of service to a larger goal would probably suit me well.

This doesn’t seem to be about the deck as such (although it could be), but about my life in general..

By the way, the LWB says about this card: “You understand the needs and desires of your ego, and are capable of silencing its voice and demanding that it regard you with deference, for you are far greater than it can ever be.” I think I get the ideas of not letting one’s ego run the show and of being more than one’s ego, but I’m not convinced that bashing the poor ego into submission and silence is the way to go..

2. What is this deck best used for?Six of Wands

This horse and rider have arrive triumphantly at a finishing line marked with a fiery banner. The scene does look a bit circus-y.

Since wands are associated with intuition in this deck, I take this to mean that my planned intuitive approach to readings is exactly right (for me, this week). Besides that, the deck seems to be best suited to playful, easy successes (neither rider nor horse look particularly strained by the effort). How I’m supposed to make sure of that I don’t quite know… But it’s probably true: a handful of easy successes often goes a long way in motivating me for a stretch of hard(er) work.

The LWB suggests I “need to become open to all experiences, using them in a positive way to strengthen [my] ultimate goals” and to “be clear and truthful about [my] motives and aims.” Okay: I want a playful time with the Navigators deck this week that gives me an easy sense of success. I also wouldn’t mind feeling more enthusiastic about this deck than I did about last week’s Quantum Tarot.

3. What will I take away from my time with this deck at the end of the week?Five of Swords

One person seems to have stabbed the other with a sword (although it’s unclear why there are three swords altogether, plus two in the background). At first, it looked like a scene that I don’t especially want to take away from my week with the Navigators. But then I noticed the lizard slithering out of the picture, green unlike anything else in the card…

I take that to mean that I’ll be untouched by whatever intellectual disputes there may be about this deck. I may end up realizing that any study of kabbalah (however you want to spell it), astrology, and whatever else is associated with this deck is completely optional and that a lack of it doesn’t harm my ability to read with the cards.

The LWB speaks of “promises [that] have been too easily made and not kept” because “the mistake was to take on more than [I] could comfortably handle.” I take that as a warning not to take on too many exchange/readings commitments because the week  may end up being shorter than it seems today. (The deck’s creator, Julia Turk, really must have changed a lot of things about the deck compared to the Rider-Waite takes on the Golden Dawn tradition — normally I would associate that kind of message with the Ten of Wands…)

Note: The keywords don’t add anything for me, so far. If anything, they are limiting my interpretation of a card, what I can see in the image.


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