Where do I go?


Is anyone else singing along with me to the melody of the song from “Hair”? My quest is a lot less all-encompassing, though. You see, two invitations for two different events reached me during the last few weeks. I would like to accept both of them but the events happen to be at the same time, so a combination of the two is unfortunately not an option.

So I’m asking the Navigators for some input to help me make the right choice. The cards are laid out on the two written invitations. The spread is a slightly changed version of one Soaring Eagle posted on AT recently.

1 – 2 – 3 — 4 – 5 – 6

Event #1
1. Positive of going there
Five of Pentacles (keyword: adversity)
2. Negative of going thereKnight of Wands (affiliation)
3. Outcome of going thereTen of Swords (destitution)

Two cards face left, which is the past to me, and the third has a strong “end” theme.That makes sense because this event would mostly be a final get-together with a group of people I used to work with. Saying goodbye at that event would be nice for a proper end of this time of my life. However, it could also be an opportunity to meet new people from that group and/or reinforce connection to some “old” ones, and I’m not sure what the point of that would be. They are nice people, of course, but I only have so much time for taking care of my friendships and I’m not interested in the Facebook kind of “friends.” So I’m afraid I’d make promises to stay in touch that I wouldn’t end up keeping, and I don’t really want to do that. Furthermore, the snake in the middle card stands out, but it feels lonely and in the wrong environment. Snake is a meaningful animal to me, and having it appear so “lost” (and possibly even about to be attacked by the knight) enforces the negative side of this affiliation.

Event #2
4. Positive of going thereLovers (discrimination)
5. Negative of going thereAeon (realization)
6. Outcome of going thereSix of Swords (ascendancy)

Two majors and an outcome card that is very clearly moving forward. This would be an event focused on the future. It would offer the opportunity to reaffirm a choice I made or introduce me to an even better alternative, or maybe even a combination of the two. In the middle card is a bird carrying a bone, which is also very meaningful to me and underlines the sense of “right place,” even if this is the “negative” card.

Well, I think that decision is already made, I just wasn’t aware of that before this reading. Or maybe I couldn’t admit to myself that I’d rather focus on the new beginning than on the end of the “old” thing.

I have to admit I mostly read the keywords and general directions of the cards and didn’t zoom in onto many details. This is a new technique for me, which may be related to turning over all cards at once and looking at the big picture first. It also makes the reading much shorter and less rambling.


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