Navigating away from the Navigators


It’s time to change decks again, so here I am looking back on the week with the Navigators Tarot of the Mystic SEA. Since I did a new deck interview with this one again, I’ll use that as a reference point.

1. What key lesson does this deck have for me this week? Chariot

I’m inching forward on my path toward a more fulfilling life (especially in terms of work). This week, I’ve discovered a few more small puzzle pieces to add to the developing picture.

Service to a deserving goal still plays a big role in that.

2. What is this deck best used for?Six of Wands

Ignoring all the theoretical background for the deck worked well indeed. I just jumped into reading with it and managed to do three readings for other people in addition to one for myself. Pretty good for a rather busy week.

And yes, I like this deck a lot more than the Quantum Tarot from last week. I’m definitely keeping the Navigators. There’s so much more to explore, and I haven’t even touched on any of the possibilities for actual study of the deck.

3. What will I take away from my time with this deck at the end of the week?Five of Swords

I managed to stay within my limits with the exchanges I participated in, but one more would have been too much.

The keywords worked surprisingly well for me. In some readings they almost assumed center stage before the actual images. I now consider them another detail of the cards that I can zoom into when appropriate and completely not-see at other times.

I already said this on AT, but here it is again as a part of my summary of my time with this deck:

“I’m surprised by how short my readings with the Navigators are. There are so many details in most cards, but I ignore most and just zoom in onto 1-3 of them. I don’t even try to describe the cards anymore, let alone in detail.

This may be related to my new technique of turning over all cards at once and looking at the big picture first. Or it may be this deck in particular. Whatever the reason, I enjoy exploring this new facet of quick, to-the-point (I hope!) readings.

I don’t think I even came close to grasping the Navigators deck as a whole (that has been easier with other decks), but I’ve gotten a few worthwhile glimpses that prompt me to keep the deck for another few rounds. This could also be an interesting study deck.”

I notice that my way of reading a spread is changing a bit. The readings are getting shorter and I stopped exploring every single detail of a card. I’m curious to see if this is a lasting change.


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