New not-deck: Celtic Wisdom Sticks


From this week on, I’m including my non-card oracles in the list to choose from. This week, I got these suggestions from the random number generator:

My decision was fairly easy this week. It still doesn’t feel right to use the Baum Tarot when the trees here have all shed their leaves (as I already stated here). And I didn’t want to use a tarot with non-scenic pips again so soon after the Tarot Balbi. That left the Celtic Wisdom Sticks (subtitled “An Ogam Oracle”).

I got the set (without bag) in an exchange on AT, but have never done more than a quick test reading before.

The sticks themselves look a bit “cheap” — they are all made from triangular wedges of the same wood, have burned slots for the left/right/across/diagonal lines and titles handwritten in black marker. I remember checking out the different handwritings on the sticks and wondering about who wrote the titles onto the sticks. The companion book seems well-researched and worth a read.

The suggested reading method is drawing one or more sticks and then using a four-sided indicator stick to determine which one of four snippets of text applies for each of the sticks. I may also experiment with dropping the sticks onto a reading surface and reading the pattern instead of the text, or whatever other method I can think of.

I’m looking forward to reading up a bit on ogam (ogham) and to handling wooden sticks instead of flat slices of cardboard for a week. When I first read about ogham, I wanted to make my own set, using the appropriate self-collected wood for each stick, but never got around to actually doing so. I much enjoy handling wooden items, and I’m infamous for bringing home sticks from my walks more often than not. So the Celtic Wisdom Sticks sound like a good choice for me. I’m curious to see how actually reading with them will work out.


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