Celtic Fail Sticks


— I have no idea why this ended up in my drafts only but not on my blog… I’m sure I eventually clicked “publish”! Oh well. So I’m posting this a bit late (should have gone up on November 25 already).
Edited to add: I’ve changed back the posting date now, so the posts are in chronological order. –

Two days ago, I wrote this about the Celtic Wisdom Sticks:

Hmmm… So far, I’m not quite sure what to make of the Celtic Wisdom Sticks. To me, it’s not an oracle that works out of the box but one that requires at least the study of the companion book, if not ogham and Celtic tree lore as such.
Also, the application of the oracular text snippets seems rather limited. Or maybe the oracle just doesn’t deal with non-crucial matters. Or maybe I just can’t interpret it very well.
At any rate, I’d rather go for a straight-forward bibliomancy reading than for the somewhat complicated method of picking a stick, determining the direction to go with it, look up the oracular text bit, and then interpret that. Or, as is suggested in the book (haven’t tried that methods yet), picking a stick, reading the accompanying quatrain (four lines of rhyming text), and then entering that scene via guided meditation to arrive at the answer. I’m not patient enough for that kind of thing. Especially not when it comes to everyday questions/matters – and I wouldn’t use the Celtic Wisdom Sticks for any major issues anyway.
I don’t think I’ll be keeping this oracle after the week is over because I’m pretty sure I won’t be using it again.

So maybe I wasn’t particularly open from the get-go. In addition to that, I managed to do only one reading for someone else this week. Which was a total fail on my part (I’m just glad the reading wasn’t about something major for the sitter!).

At first, I had to make up my mind about how to actually read this oracle for someone else, since I have this rule that I can’t go off Wikipedia-ing the night away when I read for others. I finally decided on this method: I pulled one stick each for the two spread positions from the bag and then used the indicator stick to get a direction associated with each one. Then I consulted the companion book for the bit of text associated with the draw and interpreted that. I found that the little text snippets didn’t seem to fit the question (which was rather light hearted and about “fun”) very well. But since I don’t know any other method of reading with this oracle (outside of seriously studying up on ogham and Celtic tree lore – which may just be what’s required to be able to leave the companion book aside), I just winged it.

Well, that sealed the fate of the Celtic Wisdom Sticks for me – I don’t think I’ve been THAT off ever before with any kind of divination. Even if the sticks merely refuse to reply to such light-hearted questions and would read great on a deeper issue, they’re just not a good match for me and my reading style.

Which is why I’m choosing the next deck(?) early this week…


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