Any last words, sticks?


As I did with the Quantum Tarot, I decided to ask the Celtic Wisdom Sticks for some parting words…

I got Ruis (Elder) in North.

Now that’s a nice combination that by way of some odd chain of associations basically just says one word to me: Ancestors.

Frau HolleElder is Holunder in German, also called Holler. It’s said to be dedicated to the goddess (and Brothers Grimm fairy tale character) Frau Holle (Mother Hulda, read it here), and may in fact have gotten its name from her. There are also relations from Frau Holle to a general Earth goddess, and to other Germanic/Norse goddesses like Hel or Frigg (worthwhile sources for more information: German Wikipedia, English Wikipedia). Of course, Frau Holle is also an Elder in the sense that she is a wise (and slightly scary) old woman. Since Frau Holle is a German fairy tale/mythological figure/goddess, I’m making a connection to my own German ancestors here.

ElderberriesElder is a plant that also makes me think of growing up next to a small forest because I think it was the plant that had a very distinctive and not particularly pleasant smell when cut/broken off (I never actually checked later on if that memory is accurate). But a bit of elder didn’t spoil the forest for me. European mixed forests are in fact one kind “landscape” that nearly always feels like home to me.

I also associate North with Ancestors, foundations, and the element of Earth.
After these associations of my own, let’s see what the companion book offers.

First, I learn that Ruis comes from the word “to redden” and that the elder tree is related to blushing out of anger or shame. Then I’m told that elder is “believed to be unlucky for general use” and that it “is very much a tree of endings and completions.” I could interpret that to mean that the Celtic Wisdom Sticks don’t work for “fluffy” questions, and that my time with them is actually over. Finally my smell memory is confirmed because “elder blossom has a pungent, unpleasant smell” (so it’s not the wood but the flowers).

Here’s the actual quote for Ruis in North:

Give bounteously from your store of good things.
The goods, gifts, and resources that make you who you are need to be used. If they are kept for some mythical rainy day, their beauty fades, their savour sours. You may possess the very thing that is required at this moment — the lack of this thing or quality may make a great difference to the lives of many.
Question: In what ways is your innate bounty being called upon?

That ties in with another reading I got today, and with a project I have just started. I also believe it tells me that there’s no sense in keeping this oracle just in case I ever find myself in the situation of needing this and none other. Instead, I should pass it on — which fits well with my idea of gifting the set to someone else instead of selling or trading it.

At least we part on talking terms, so that’s a nice final note.


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