New Deck: Tarot Classic


By way of the randon number generator: the suggestions for next week.

This is the second time that the Elemental Tarot was suggested, and I still don’t want to use it – I have no time for diving into a completely new system next week. I rejected the New Orleans Voodoo Tarot for the same reason: it’s a deck that needs more time than I can offer the coming week. That leaves the Tarot Classic, one of two Marseille reproductions I own.

Yet again, it’s deck I never read with before, but at least I already took the time to shuffle it a bit at one point. I don’t really like the color palette (too cold for my taste – I’m more of a Hadar-Dodal-Noblet type), but I’m interested in exploring another deck with non-scenic pips. I hope I’ll be able to make time for some of the exercises suggested by Sherryl E. Smith on her great website! I may or may not sneak a peek into the historical forums of Aeclectic Tarot; I may get bitten by the research bug, or I may end up exploring the deck on my own for now and saving the research for later.

The first question that popped up when I just very quickly looked through the deck was this one: Why do the Chariot, the Knight of Swords and the King of Swords have faces as epaulets on their shoulders? My answer (or the attempt thereof) will have to wait until a later date, though. Right now, I need sleep…

Tarot Classic - Faces on shoulders


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  1. regarding to the faces as epaulets on the shoulders … I guess it referrs to the duality of the meaning behind every entity. so, maybe it is saying: no thing is just this way. it is the other way around also – at the same time.
    just my 2 cents.

  2. Thank you for chiming in here. I believe you have a good point there. I was actually thinking along the same lines – the faces reminded me of the laughing/crying theater masks. One could also argue that they are something like the little angel and devil people sometimes “hear” talking to them.

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