Reading for someone else (Tarot Classic)


Someone I recently read for gave me permission to post this reading here on the blog – thank you!

She asked about any insight the cards could give her about a male person named “N” she met last week. I did a freestyle three-card reading for her. This is it.

Tarot Classic: Page of Swords + Eight of Cups + Page of Coins
Page of Swords – Eight of Cups – Page of Coins

This looks like a pretty equal, balanced situation. Two Pages and a very symmetrical Eight of Cups. But let’s look at the details for some further insight.

The Page of Swords looks a bit shy to me, even guarded, whereas the Page of Coins holds his one coin as if it was a ball he is about to throw into the other one’s court.
Since you’re the one asking the question, I’m tempted to say that you’re the Page of Swords here.

The Eight of Cups show two rows with three cups each at the top and bottom. Two more cups stand in the middle, surrounded by deep red flowers.
To me, this is about the situation where the two of you met. I believe you were in a public place, surrounded by friends/like-minded people. But for some reason, the two of you stood out to each other. You were (and are) definitely drawn to each other, and something between you blossomed right from the get-go. I assume this is a romantic/erotic connection, but it could also be a platonic one with strong feelings.

Speaking of plants, I’m struck by how each of the Pages has plants in the main color of the other one growing at their feet. To me that symbolizes how you complement each other. There’s also a single red plant in the Page of Swords which I take to mean that you may be the one who is a bit more baffled by the whole thing. N seems more confident and seemingly unaffected – but the way he weighs that ball (coin), I get a sense that he’s trying to decide how much to risk with his next step, if this is too early, too much. But I also sense his desire to provoke you a bit more, possibly because he enjoys seeing you blush and lose some of your composure. ;-)

The Page of Swords (you) seems torn between the sword and wand he’s holding. Right now, the sword of rational thought is up as a barrier between you. It seems you’re telling yourself to get a grip, and not to rush in head over heels. But you’re also contemplating the wand of passion in your other hand… All in all, I have a feeling you may need a little time-out to get used to the situation. And I get a feeling that N is sensing that.

Maybe you were the one to take the first step (both “balls” are in his court, after all), and have surprised yourself with your courage. At any rate, I believe you need to send a signal that the next step is welcome – if and when in fact it is. That Page of Coins isn’t going anywhere so fast, so there’s no need to rush anything. His attention is on you, and he seems content with giving you some time.


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