Three reasons to keep the Oswald Wirth Tarot


This has been the week with the least tarot/oracle action ever since I started this blog. I did a single reading with the Oswald Wirth Tarot, and I don’t yet know if it was any useful to the sitter. Other than that; I hardly even touched the deck, let alone worked with it in any way.

I didn’t feel a great urge to work with the deck, and right now I’m thinking I may just pass it on. Before I do so, however, I want to give the deck a chance to make its case and tell me three reasons why I should keep it.

Seven of Wands – Ace of Wands – The Hermit

One thing would have come up with every card: the beautiful bronze slightly metallic backgrounds of the deck. Definitely a big plus! The Seven of Wands shows the reduced decorations on many of the pip cards, and also the two-way symmetry of the Wands (2-10). This means even less to go on in a reading than the pips of the Tarot Classic offered, which means a need for greater abstraction from the actual card image and a need for more study of numerology. Could be an interesting challenge!

The Ace of Wands displays almost the entire color palette of the deck, which looks very nice on the bronze backgrounds. I also adore the lacy sleeve because it’s such a big contrast to the limited decorations of the other pip cards. The two Wands cards also make me think that the deck warns me against rash decisions – have I really explored it enough to be sure I won’t want it back once I sell/trade it?

Finally, the Hermit brings a snake as his companion, and that definitely makes me pay attention. It’s such an unusual animal to see in this card! Also, the way he holds his stick makes me wonder if he’s blind – and if so, for whom he’s holding up the light?! All of this suggests this deck has some hidden treasures I haven’t even come close to discovering yet. The writing on this card makes me aware that I’m not even bothered by the German titles (as I usually am) – after all, as a Swiss, Oswald Wirth was German-speaking, even if he spent most of his life in France.

I think I’m convinced to keep the Oswald Wirth deck in my tarot library for now, at least until I’ve done a second round with it.


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