Concluding with the Metamorphosis


I just did my last reading for this week with the Tarot of Metamorphosis. This one is a definite keeper for all its delightful weirdness and shapeshifting. In some ways it reminded me of my early explorations with the Manara Tarot because that one also blew all the RWS standard imagery and interpretations right out of my mind and made room for some great experiments that yielded very valuable insights.

The readings this week felt noticeably longer and more detailed than the ones I did during my weeks with the Tarot Classic and the Oswald Wirth Tarot. I felt more compelled to explore the images in their entirety than I did with the equally busy Navigators Tarot. But it felt right, so there are no complaints.

I also played a bit in the Tarot Dominoes thread on AT this week, which made me at least glance at many more cards than came up in this week’s readings. I can heartily recommend that game as a way to get to know your deck in a lighthearted way. (I imagine it might also make a great party game for a bunch of tarot collectors who could then literally lay out the matching cards – maybe even leaving it to the next person to find something their card has in common with the previous one. But that’s another post. ;))

Speaking of reading, I downloaded Ovid’s Metamorphoses* onto my Kindle but didn’t read a single line of it. I still imagine it might be a fun project to actually read all the books and myths referenced within this deck. It could also make a great study deck.

But no matter how much potential there is left untapped, our week is over and we must say goodbye for now. I’m definitely looking forward to working with this deck again!

* There are several sources offering different translations of the text. There’s also a BBC Radio 4 podcast about Greek myths for those who’d rather listen than read.


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