Reading for astronautica (Metamorphosis)


This is another reading posted with permission from the person I read for. This was her question.

I would love a reading about my current work situation, and the longevity of my job.

After I cautioned her that I usually don’t do timing questions and therefore seriously lack practice in that area (so any advice in that department needed to be taken with a grain of salt), I did the reading with another spread-less pull of three cards.

Eight of Swords – Three of Wands – The Fool

The first card is obviously inspired by the cricket scene in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. Alice is holding a flamingo with an overly long neck. Its head is caught between two branches of a small, possibly dead tree. Around them are melting clocks like in Salvador Dalí’s famous painting “The Persistence of Memory.” The White Rabbit is checking his pocket watch, and Alice’s legs are melting, too, which may expain her shocked expression.
I believe this captures the atmosphere at your current job. There’s a lot of time pressure, you feel you’re losing your footing, and there’s catch you may not even have noticed yet. It’s all pretty overwhelming and probably also rather confusing. You may feel as if there are rules to the whole “game” that nobody has bothered to explain to you or that simply don’t make any sense to you. Nevertheless, you keep going and doing the best you can because what else is there to do right now?

The next card has an elephant turning from a stine statue into a living animal. I read this as a well-established structure starting to change drastically. I’m also wondering if this is related to the elephant as a symbol of Republican (or more generally conservative) politics that may be influencing you situation?

There is a little yellow fire sprite in the card which feels like a cheerful source of inspiration, literally lighting fires in people’s heads and hearts.

The Fool card has a similar sprite, but this one is green. It comes zooming out of the Fool’s red heart, suggesting happiness and optimism to me. The Fool himself is a marionette with very loose strings perched on a wolf’s nose. Behind him is the Hindu Sri Yantra, a symbol of balanced energies. This Fool is about to jump forward and we don’t know if anything will catch his fall (are the strings attached to anything?). But he has made his choice, he’s following his heart and his head (both are glowing with light). To me, this feels like a surprisingly peaceful card.

Especially with the last two cards I would say your job situation is about to change again in the foreseeable future (which you may expect already if I correctly read between the lines of your question). It may be scary and disruptive at first; you may well feel both anger and fear about it. But it will also enable you to find a new kind of calm within you that will make all the difference. The moment you embrace and fully accept the change, you may just find yourself trusting yourself that you’ve made the right choices and trusting the Universe that all will go well. This could lead to exactly the kind of new beginning you need.

I’m not getting any strong impressions about timing here, so what follows is VERY tentative. That means, please don’t base any major decisions solely on what I say here. Going from the predominant colors and sparse landscape of the middle card, I’d say that the cause for the change may start to take effect while it’s still winter, but the actual change for you will happen in spring at the earliest (the Fool’s colors feel rather spring-like to me).

I hope this reading is useful for you in some way! Please let me know if I can clarify any aspects of it. :)


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  1. Yes, I have a copy of the Tarot of Metamorphosis at home (which is where I’m not at the moment). What would you like to know?

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