The good thing is: I know where it hurts


I haven’t been feeling to well emotionally the past few days, so here’s a spread to look at some good things. I found it on AT but originally it’s from Know Your Tarot.

I’m still using the International Icon Tarot because I didn’t get around to choosing a new deck last weekend and didn’t yet do much with the deck anyway. I’m taking the spread positions as pointers to how things are right now for me.

1 – 2 – 3

1. AbundanceFive of Wands

2. Sources of loveTen of Pentacles

3. Silver liningsThree of Swords

I’m not sure if this is a cruel joke the deck is playing on me, but this doesn’t look like a very comforting spread to me…

I certainly have an abundance of conflict, mostly within myself but also with the world around me. It’s not so much that I have fights with individual people (although I did sort of fight with my mother over the holidays) but that I perceive myself to be in conflict with the world as it is. I don’t seem to find the right place for me to be me. But as I said, most of the conflict is within myself, with different “voices” arguing against each other about way too many things at once. It’s mostly making me crazy right now, because I can’t seem to find some solid ground to stand on and make up my mind. Oh well, maybe I will appreciate the polyphony again sometime soon… And all that anger? At least it’s energy.

Well, this is one of those family cards… My most recent experience with my biological family wasn’t all too pleasant, so I didn’t quite feel the love. I’m not saying it’s not there but we really don’t seem to speak the same language when it comes to expressing that we care for each other. Instead of time, understanding, and honest communication (things that I rate very highly as expressions of love) I always seem to get money from my mother (her favorite way of expressing love but unfortunately the one I appreciate the least – material gifts just don’t mean much to me).* At any rate, at least money is not an area of worry for me right now (which is more than many other people can say at this time). And maybe these people on the other side of the doorway are actually caring for me, and I just don’t feel it right now.

* My ideas about “love languages” here are based on Gary Chapman’s book The Five Love Languages, a book which I much recommend¬† (if you either don’t mind his strong Christian slant that only talks about heterosexual, monogamous marriages as love relationships or are willing and able to translate it into your own relationship life that may be none of these things – the basic ideas certainly are worth the effort).

And the silver lining to all of this is heartbreak? Now that sounds great… *rolling eyes* Okay, maybe this means that the pain is now out in the open, it has been expressed (if only mostly to myself and therefore not necessarily been heard), and now the worst is over? Maybe taking the time to really cry about a whole bunch of things has been the first step forward and out of this mess. This card also reminds me of a blog post I read earlier today. My AT friend Nisaba Merrieweather wrote about pain and why it’s good to feel it. She says we are more gentle with ourselves when we actually feel the pain instead of blocking it out and that we therefore heal more quickly. I think she has a point there (but I still think blocking out the pain can make a lot of sense if you do it temporarily and still remember that you’re not at the top of your strength).

I think I’ll listen to my sore back now and go offline to have a relatively early night. Even though this reading didn’t cheer me up the way I hoped it would. But maybe that’s the other pain I need to feel right now.


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  1. Yeah, sorta. I usually don’t do these “just tell me the good things” type of readings (I’m more of a “tell me how things are even if it hurts” type of person), but felt like something nice and comforting yesterday. Well, I guess being able to squeeze at least a little bit of goodness from that spread speaks to my general optimism… I do indeed feel a bit better by now (I eventually opted for not feeling the pain quite so much and took my migraine medication – but I did stay home from work and am taking care of myself).

  2. I think we had that discussion on AT a while ago about finding it difficult to find positive aspects in seemingly “negative” cards. Perhaps the Five of Wands stands for challenges that are helping you boost your self-esteem. The positive aspects of the Three of Swords for me are the ability to free yourself from dependencies by taking some decisions that may feel cruel at first but can be very liberating in the end. Would any of that apply to your situation and cheer you up a little? ;)

  3. Thanks for the additional perspectives – I’m adding them to my ideas about these cards.
    So far, the current challenges have not boosted my self-esteem much, but maybe that’ll come later… And the closest thing to any dependency might be some beliefs I apparently hold which seem to be challenged right now. Thus my idea that the Three of Swords are about some harsh truths I’m facing these days (e.g. my beliefs may not be very helpful and I need to change them).
    Your comment cheers me up nevertheless, though. :)

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