Reverse Tarot reading (inspired by the “10th Flame Song”)


Today I discovered that the 10th Flame Song depicts two people at a table, one of whom is doing a tarot reading for the other. The deck in use is the Songs for the Journey Home, and the spread is a Celtic Cross.

I identified the cards and recreated the spread in the card (picture below) for a “reverse reading.” That means, I did this reading to see if I could get an idea what the question of the person in the card may have been and what the reader may have said to them. The positional meanings for the Celtic Cross are the ones given in the companion book.


1. Essence of yourself, deepest motivating forceSun

Your deepest desire here is to shine, to be visible with all your strength. This reading could be about a creative project (all the Flame cards underline that).

2. This is creating a disturbance, a blockStrength

You are reigning in your power/creativity too much, even though you think you’re just making some very small concessions. They are still too big. Maybe you also don’t trust your own abilities to be as strong as you dream of?

3. Thoughts you are aware of (often logical ones)5th Flame Song (Five of Wands)

You are aware that you are currently cut off from your creative power, that you’re in a time of dormant potential. You may worry too much about the seeming lack of (academic/rational) “wisdom” of your project. Maybe you feel out of touch with an important outside source of energy/inspiration. Still, you keep dreaming you could release all your creativity…

4. Message you need to see/hear more clearly (often beyond logic)High Priestess

You need to listen to the wisdom and the fire within yourself. It’s perfectly fine to withdraw from the world a bit to grow what needs to grow within you. Dormant doesn’t equal dead!

5. This is holding you back, needs to be released; past gifts/talentsChariot

Remember how you used to be able to fly your vehicle across that abyss? You managed to bring beauty and force together so both were bringing you closer to your goal. Don’t be afraid to be unconventional!

6. You are moving towards this, need to be open to encountering this4th Flame Song (Four of Wands)

Again, this is an image of looking within. You need a different perspective on something familiar, you need to pull up the blinds and just see and appreciate what’s already there. And you need to be ready to support yourself instead of waiting for someone else to do that for you.

7. How your personality is respondingLovers

You don’t want to do this alone. Okay, then, take your imaginary friend and jump into the abyss. You’ll find that it leads you to a source of great beauty and even more potential.

8. Current environment (physical and/or emotional)Star

You feel as if this is encompassing your entire world, and it is – but in a good way. You are blessed and protected, so what can really go wrong?

9. Hopes and fearsRenewal (Temperance)

You both hope for and fear success and the changes it would bring. You hope your project will get you more in touch with like-minded individuals, possibly for future collaborations. You fear that you’re going to be left out in the cold while everyone else has a good time.

10. Outcome if you proceed as beforeLuminary (Hierophant)

Ultimately, you may find yourself showing others facets of the world they hadn’t seen before. You take them with you on a trip through your own inner landscape and point out how your world looks to you. This may include some kind of teaching.

All in all it seems that all you have to fear is fear itself! The abundance of majors in this reading (eight out of ten!) certainly suggests this is something really, really big. I can’t see anything seriously negative in this spread except for some self-doubts, so I’d say, go for it!

This has been an interesting experiment! I was surprised at how short my interpretations for each of the cards were, but then my focus was on getting the big picture instead of zooming into a hundred details. Due to the masses of majors it seems highly unlikely that this has been an actual reading with the full deck (and how could it have been, when the card this is shown on is part of the deck?), but I’m still wondering if this is a reading one of the deck creators gave to the other at some point in the creation process (the majors apparently had been done by then), or why else she picked these cards to be in this image and not any others…


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  1. That’s an interesting idea. I really enjoyed reading it. I am guessing your speculations aren’t too far off. Perhaps it was an actual reading they tried when parts of the deck were done and others still in the process of creation. That could explain the why it’s Majors and Wands only. :) It’s an interesting deck. Somehow I have reservations concerning round decks. I can’t explain why, it’s something irrational I guess. Perhaps a preconception that cards have to be rectangular to “work”. :D But this one looks really interesting.

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