New Deck: Da Vinci Enigma Tarot


I initially wanted to read some more with the Songs for the Journey Home this weekend, but instead I opted for a good, long talk to my Beloved and for cleaning all the odds and ends that sometimes have been part of my altars, and finally setting up a new altar. Both of those have been badly overdue, so I’m very happy with my decision. Therefore, just a one-sentence summary of this deck: I actually like it better now that I’ve used it a bit than I initially did. It’s definitely interesting enough to keep around.

Even though it’s already pretty late now, I still wanted to pick a new deck for next week before the weekend is over. The random numbers suggest these:

Once again, no trees for me while the trees here have no leaves (even though we don’t exactly have much of a winter otherwise so far), so the Baum Tarot is out. This deck has appeared most often in my suggestions so far. I may have to just go with it the next time it comes up, just to get it over with. The World Spirit Tarot is an old favorite (in fact it’s the deck that got me back into tarot in late 2006) and I almost went with it. But then I decided to go with the new and unknown deck again. So this week I’ll be using the Da Vinci Enigma Tarot. It seems a good fit since I’ve been thinking about giftedness a lot these days, and I’ve also drawn a picture yesterday after not even coming close to any kind of artwork on paper for I don’t even know how long.

There is a companion book to go with this deck, and I’m curious how I’ll like it (I have very mixed feelings about Caitlín Matthews – love her book Singing the Soul Back Home, didn’t love her Celtic Wisdom Sticks oracle at all). I can already see lots of possibilities for working with this deck and/or studying it, and I already know I won’t get to do even a quarter of them next week. Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to getting some first impressions of a deck I’ve never read with before.

For the sake of my mission to get more sleep, I won’t start researching anything about Leonardo Da Vinci now and just turn off my computer now. More later!


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  1. The World Spirit Tarot is one of my favourites, too. :) I’m looking forward to seeing you work with the Da Vinci Enigma though as I have not come across this deck yet. I have vowed not to buy any more decks this month, so I hope it’s not too intriguing. ;)

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