Distracted reader finds Da Vinci Enigma no enigma


I really seem to like the random number generator… I just used it to determine which of these 100 three-card spreads I was going to use for the first reading with the Da Vinci Enigma Tarot.


But wait. Shuffling the deck feels all wrong. The edges on the card backs aren’t smooth. They chafe and scratch and I feel I’m going to damage them eventually. Obviously I immediately need to press them down with my folding tool before I proceed. I’ll listen to a nice short, podcast while I do that.


And then another nice, short podcast while I finish the last quarter of the stack.

And now there’s podcast left but no more cards. So I shuffle. Aaah. This feels so much smoother! (Can you see the difference? [By the way, the card backs make a huge pattern when you lay them out in a certain order – the two extra cards show a tiny overview of the result. I’ll let you know if I should happen to actually be tempted to recreate that on my carpet.])

And then I make the mistake(?) of clicking on a link. Which (for once) leads to some truly worthwhile blogs/posts but it’s still not exactly doing a tarot reading, which is what I planned to do… Ahem.

Oh, look, and it’s past my bedtime already!

Okay, Da Vinci Enigma. Here’s the challenge. Don’t be an enigma. Give me a really short, extremely to-the-point reading.

(Oh, by the way: This will apparently be a week of really crappy photos. Some of the drawings are quite faint, as very old drawings can be, and my cell phone camera is decidedly not the latest model. Please excuse this, as the alternative is not having deck images at all – and that’s not an option, right?)

1 – 2 – 3

1. DesireEight of Earth (Labour)

Wanting to do a million things roughly at the same time. Not wanting to give up any of them.

2. ConflictLord (King) of Water

Can’t decide what to start with, so I turn my back and do nothing at all.

3. ResolutionHierophant

Listen to those who know better (including myself), pick one thing to start with (even if I just work on it for five minutes), and remember there’s time later to do other things. While I’m doing this one thing, fend off all distractions.

Ta-dah! Works.


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  1. I dug this deck out right around the New Year. It was my favourite for a little while, during late Spring/early Summer 2010. Nice to see it being used here. :)

  2. Hi Angela, thanks for stopping by! Did your deck also have these unfinished-looking edges when you got it?

  3. It’s so easy to get distracted, isn’t it? This deck looks like a great one to use for gesture and expression in readings. You can really follow the gaze of the people and see what they are looking at (or not!).

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