New Deck: Housewives Tarot


After a too-short week with the Key to the Kingdom transformation cards, I’m ready to switch decks again. This week, the random number generator suggests these:

I don’t think my busy next week would be a good one to delve into the Liber T, so that one’s out. The other two are decks I already both used exclusively for several months. I don’t feel much like using the RWS, so the Housewives Tarot it is. That should go well with the themes of ancestors and food which have come up during the last week or so (see the previous handful of posts).

The Housewives is one of my first ten decks. I first tried to win it in a competition over at AT but that didn’t happen, so I eventually bought it myself. When I first considered doing an Intensive Deck Study (IDS), I picked this deck. Part of me wanted to prove this was indeed a serious tarot deck and not just a funny gimmick. That worked out pretty well. I did two months of daily draws with it and kept being amazed at the surprising ways I found my so-not-housewifey-at-all life in these collages of 1950s collages. In the end, I needed a break from the images and ended the ISG a month early (I had initially aimed at three months). Now I think that was partly due to reading for myself every single day, and I’ve mostly stopped doing daily draws since.

At any rate, I’m happy to reacquaint myself with the Housewives and their world. I believe they’ll be a good companion for my final week of work before a three-week holiday, because they are so focused on (domestic) work and achievement and capitalism.


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