New Deck: Tarot of the Silicon Dawn


I didn’t expect to do many readings last week, so I’m not too disappointed that things really turned out that way. After all, the Housewives Tarot and I already spent a lot of time together in the past, I know that deck is a keeper, so it’ll be there whenever I get back to it.

So, onward to the next deck! I hope it will be something really interesting because I’m on holidays now and I will celebrate my birthday next week.

The random number generator has given me these three to choose from:


You know what? I’ll ignore all of these suggestions and go with the Tarot of the Silicon Dawn. I’ve been looking forward to use this deck ever since I got it, and I was hoping it would not come up as a suggestion earlier because I knew I wouldn’t have had much time for it. But I also was hoping it would come up during my holiday. So, since none of the three suggested decks seem like what I want to spend my birthday week and first week of the holiday with, I’m for once going completely with what I want. So there.

I’ll be using all the cards, and I’m really, really curious about the world Egypt Urnash has created in this deck.

Added 5 February 2012:
All the cards except the two title cards, that is.


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