The secret of the new background


As much as I regret losing the ripped paper and roughly painted look of the previous background, I prefer the calmer appearance of the new one. Less to distract from the actual posts. And a nicer color scheme.

But there is a secret to the new background. It’s actually a picture of Sybill Trelawney, as embodied by Emma Thompson. Or rather, a very small slice of one, repeated ad infinitum.

What can I say? I have a soft spot for her. She dresses strangely, she’s clumsy and insecure, she’s never even close to being cool, and no one takes her seriously. But she keeps being who she is and she keeps doing what she does, despite all the scorn and ridicule. And she is actually right more often than she’s not, despite all efforts (including the ones by her creator, J.K. Rowling) to make her look like a fraud.

Also, I imagine that Emma Thompson had a blast playing her. I know I would have. (“Yooouuu…are in grrraaavve danger!”)

And finally, what’s not to love about a person who throws crystal balls at attackers?


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  1. I love them both…Sybil and Emma. One of my favourite actresses ever! As for Sybil I thought her depiction in the books didn’t really do her justice. Divination as a subject didn’t look too cool either. Perhaps the common prejudice against divination, tarot and such… :) Either way, I liked Sybil and was very sad for her. Probably though it’s the fate of a seer.

  2. lol i love her too, the scene where she is kicked out of Hogwarts is just heartwrenching.
    Anyway, I like the new look. I was so confused the other day I somehow ended up on a blog, quick glance and I go “ok that’s cat’s place, i must have missed these posts”
    and the more i read the more befuddled i got. Turns out to be some stranger writing about the military…o0

  3. Exactly! Every time I came across another blog with the same theme, I got confused: Why are they using my theme?! o_O *LOL*

    I just wish the paper/paint effects hadn’t disappeared with the change of background, but I’m not enough of a programmer to recreate them. So I’ll have tidy edges for now and a somewhat more unique background.

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