Still no new deck…


Just in case some of you have been wondering why there hasn’t been a “New Deck” post in a while:

I’m still using the Tarot of the Silicon Dawn. I figured I’m on holidays, so I get to make exceptions like that. And since I hardly even did a reading last week, and since there are one or two readings that I believe would best be delivered to myself in the voice of that deck, I’m sticking with it for a few more days.

I might change to the next deck a bit earlier than Saturday, though. At any rate, by the weekend I’ll be back to the regular schedule of one deck for one week. After all, there still are 31 tarots decks, 10 oracle decks, and 4 non-card oracles to go… Unless I buy more.


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  1. Well, can’t blame you for sticking to Silicon Dawn, such a joy of a deck. Love the pagan blog project posts by the way!

  2. I think it’s nice that you are still using the Silicon Dawn, as it seems to be a very interesting deck! Nothing wrong with sticking to it at all! I have always sucked at keeping a ‘deck schedule’, hence my blog is the absolute deck chaos. But I do plan on returning to the Grail Tarot soon…

    And I agree with Jema – I like what you are doing with the pagan blog project posts! They are unique and interesting reflections, and they are nice even for those not directly involved in pagan practices (such as me). :-)

  3. Thank you for the compliments about the Pagan Blog Project posts! I much enjoy thinking and writing about one non-tarot topic that is related to my spirituality every week, even if I don’t produce a masterpiece every single time. But hey, it’s all a work in progress…
    Even better if these posts are interesting to people who don’t think of themselves as being Pagans or doing Pagan things!

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