New Deck: Ironwing Tarot


Even though I still feel I’m not quite finished with the Tarot of the Silicon Dawn, I’ll pick a new deck today. I won’t have much time for tarot this weekend, and my second D post for the Pagan Blog Project also is overdue (watch out for it tomorrow evening), so I thought I’d change decks a little earlier than usual.

This is what the random number generator suggests for my next deck of the week:

Interesting list. All of them have been suggested earlier, but I always chose a different deck then. None of them are complete strangers to me.I did about six months in 2007 where I exclusively used the RWS, and three months with the Ironwing about a year ago. I also used the Sacred Path Cards for daily draws for a short while (in 2010 or 2011).

Nevertheless, I’m having a hard time choosing any of the three right now because none of them seems really “right.” The RWS just doesn’t excite me in any way. The Sacred Path Cards seem to be from completely the wrong culture for me right now. Which leaves the Ironwing Tarot. It’s a profound deck that I love a lot but I don’t click easily with it. But it makes me think, it has a wonderful companion book, the art is great, and it’s reduced color scheme makes me feel it’s a winter deck (never mind that it was created in the Arizona desert). I’m not sure how well it will support me in my first post-holiday week back at work but I guess I’ll find out. If nothing else, it will be an interesting contrast to the very urban, modern, colorful, and playful Silicon Dawn.


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  1. Damn’…. I’m so jealous… The Ironwing Tarot was like a thunderbolt to me when I discovered it, but I was too late already (limited edition). It’s always a pain to my heart. You’re so luck to have it ! I’ve seen some posts where you used it, going to check.

  2. Yes, it is indeed a gorgeous one, and I’m very happy to have it (I bought mine used before they sold out). I haven’t done much with it during the week I used it last, but you may find some of the links for it on my Decks + Resources page interesting.

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