Old favorites neglected


I think I will from now on limit my list of decks to draw from for the “Deck of the Week” project to the ones I have rarely used so far (or not at all).

I find that I’m just not doing much with the decks I already know fairly well. Not that I think I’ve reached the bottom of any of my decks. But I was rather disinterested about the Housewives (which I used exclusively for two months a while ago) a few weeks back, and it is now the same with the Ironwing (which was my solo deck for another three months last year). I’m just not feeling the same excitement and desire to explore as I did with the decks that were more or less completely new to me. You would think I’d be happy to reconnect with old favorites, but apparently I’m not. Or at least not in the context of this project.

I’m not quite sure yet how annoyed I am by that realization. Maybe it’s fine to do this project mostly as one to explore decks I haven’t used to any notable extent so I’ll be able to judge if I want to keep them or pass them on. Maybe I really am mostly in it for the newness of all those unused decks, until I get the next urge to spend several months with just one of them. Not that either of these are a bad thing.


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  1. I been doing that for some time now, I got a short-list of 44 decks and just remove the latest one I used and duplicates and old favorites that I used a lot in the past. Lol, even if I don’t buy a single new deck (got 2 on the way already) I am still set for the rest of the year.

  2. I know how it feels! I have some decks I used to love and often feel I should go back to them or remain loyal to them because… they WERE favorites after all and we have a whole story together. But for some reason I find that working solely with them, instead of making me improve due to the intensive dedication, makes me feel like I am not really having my ideas pushed and my limits tested.

    And there’s always something very exciting about discovering a new deck! :-)

    I really wanted to work with all the decks in my collection… one deck a week perhaps… but the problem is that I cannot do daily readings and I don’t have a subject to read about everyday. I am afraid some decks would get more used and others would barely get used, depending on which week they were selected. :-(

  3. I use all my decks on a rotation basis, the only way I can justify having more than one deck, the only way I can be sure they are all used equally. Go straight to the unused pile!

  4. Thank you for your replies!
    Maybe this is just a week like Marina described where I simply don’t have anything urgent to read about and am not reading for others, either.
    Theoretically I still like the idea of spending a week every now and then with a deck I already know to a certain degree, because a second look often brings up new perspectives.
    However, for next week I’ll make sure I have at least one unused deck amongst my choices!

  5. My normal rhythm with decks is, that I spend at least a month with any new deck I have. Do daily draws, read the book or a book, that sort of goes with the theme of the deck.
    Due to my IIDS (intensive deck study) with the Greenwood, that lasted all in all over a year, I have quite a few “new to me” decks I have not even looked at. Some are “easy and fun” like the Tarot of Trees. I am just waiting for the first buds to come out in mid April -to crack the seal on that.
    Others – not so much. The Ancient Egyptian is an easy deck to read, BUT i want to learn about the art and culture it portrays. I want to read the booooooooks that Peter has on his shelves and relate it to the “Tut” exhibit we saw a couple of years ago. Peter was in Egypt some 30 years ago…..
    ..Yes, and then I just got my VERY FIRST Marseille deck…….
    And my “fiasco” with the Minchiate Fiorentine is not soooo encouraging to me. I feel all these decks neeeeeeed more time, but I just have a couple of more weeks, until our winter quiet time is over and I am into all kinds of EVERYTHING again….
    Faaar removed from Renaissance Italy, old Egypt and even the Tarot on the Origins, on which I am writing for the study group right now:
    That one is certainly an “old favorite” of mine and I am doing this for allllllllllll the people on AT that encouraged me to start the group, wanted to talk about the deck – and now are nowhere to be seen….. :(

  6. I find that I have no set rhythm to deal with a new deck. I’ve much enjoyed the times I used a single deck exclusively for several months (which I did in the past with the RWS, the Housewives, the Greenwood, and the Ironwing). I’ve also enjoyed getting a first taste of a deck for only a week (the whole deck of the week project documented on this blog). I’ve also enjoyed everything else I’ve done: using an unknown deck for just one reading and then switching decks again for the next reading, spending several weeks with one deck before moving on to the next one, using two or three decks at the same time and sometimes comparing cards, etc. All of these approaches offer something different, all have their own benefits and drawbacks. I like the variety.

    Like you, Mi-Shell, I’m dreaming of studying all the fascinating decks I own in the depth they deserve, but even after more than half a year with only the Greenwood I didn’t feel I hadn’t done more than barely scratch the surface. So I’m trying to accept the fact that there are many more decks than I will likely be able to “fully” explore in this lifetime. Just as there are hundreds of topics outside of tarot about which the same is true. However, I’ve come to the realization that I’m simply not a specialist who can pick just one subject (plus a few surrounding bits and pieces) and spend my life delving into that and being content. Instead, I’m a generalist who loves tasting a lot of very different things, returning to many of them for a second, bigger portion and coming back to some of them over and over again, getting deeper and deeper every time. And I’m finally starting to believe there is actually nothing wrong with that. It’s just a different mode of approaching life, learning, and doing things.

    And about the study group you started, Mi-Shell, because people asked you to and now find they aren’t joining in: Not everyone who wants to read what you have to say also wants to do their own study/writing, for a variety of reasons (e.g. fear of not being good enough compared to you, plain old laziness, overestimation of the time they have to do such things…). You’ll know best if that lack of interaction in the study group is a reason for you not to continue posting there or if you want to keep sharing your insights even if you don’t get much exchange back in return. :-)

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