A bit of spring cleaning with the Ironwing


Since I’ve done a lot of cleaning, decluttering, and re-ordering in the past weeks, and since I’m not done with that yet, I decided to ask the Ironwing for its input before I move on to the next deck.

1 – 2

1. What I should keepOre (Ace) of Blades

A huge curved blade cuts open a stone to reveal the crystal inside. It’s also a mincing knife that cuts a head of cabbage in half. Pollen/spores are released into the air. A bird skull.

The ability to get to the core of beauty of things that look bland and dull from the outside. The act of opening up serves as a release from the inside out. Sharing something nourishing, be it food for bodies or food for thought. And, yeah, dig out that bird skull I buried in the garden almost a year ago…

2. What I should let go — Four of Blades

A row of four blades, taking out fires. Drawing a line. Steam, smoke, dust, stone. Using technology to regulate natural forces. It’s also a device that sprays chemicals from four points, leaving nothing but barren stone.

The idea of clear boundaries between right and wrong, between life and death, between nature and technology. The illusion that I can neatly separate what I consider alive and keep-worthy from what I find destructive and unnecessary.

Together, these two are about cutting, dividing, separating, but in different contexts. Makes sense.


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