New Deck: Oracle of Shadows and Light


After very little time with the Dame Fortune’s Wheel (which I’ll keep around), it’s again time to pick a new deck. Let’s see what the random numbers suggest…

Oh, that’s rare: two oracles and only one tarot! The Phantasmagoric Theater is out for now, not because I don’t like it but because I already spent a few weeks using it exclusively a while ago. So which of the oracles shall it be? The not-at-all realistic, slightly gloomy, big-eyed, big-headed girls from the Oracle of Shadows and Light (the art of which both repulses and fascinates me)? Or the realistic, down-to-earth animals of the Druid Animal Oracle (the art of which I like but also find a wee bit boring at times)? A deck I’ve already read with a few times (Druid Animals) or one that I have barely looked at (Shadows and Light)?

In the end, I drew lots – and ended up with the Oracle of Shadows and Light.

When I looked through the deck, I admit that I doubted my sanity for a moment or two. What on earth had made me think this deck was a good fit for me?! It’s pure goth-fluff! The girls all have the same tiny nose and mouth! The size of their obsessively detailed eyes ranges from big (“Faceless Ghosts and the Haunted Girl”) to ridiculously huge (“Fairy of the Highlands”)! Not to mention the round baby faces and glossed-over hands and feet. And why, oh why, do 38 of 45 girls have their hair parted in the middle?!

Oh well. Either I find there is substance below the fluffy-gloomy cuteness, or I’ll end up with another deck for the trade list at the end of the week.

I think I shall try and do some exchanges again to see the girls here in action.


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