Eclipse, masquerade, and a strange egg (reading for M.)


This is the second reading with the Oracle of Shadows and Light for which I got permission to post it here. The sitter asked the following question (I got no further context or backstory).

My question: Why was I really shut down, and why have I not been reinstated?

I’m pulling two cards for each of those questions.

Why were you really shut down?Eclipse Mermaid + Ghosts of the Past
The Eclipse Mermaid rises up from a choppy ocean which is tinted blood red by the solar eclipse that can be seen in the sky. Subtitle: “A powerful energy shift!”

Ghosts of the Past depicts a young woman in a historical ball gown. She holds up an eye mask on a stick. In the background are other costumed/masked people who look vaguele Venetian to me. Subtitle: “The past returns for a time…”

I’m reading both cards together here. You were indeed cut off like the sunlight during an eclipse. It also seems you’re right to suspect that the reason given to you is not the actual one, what with the masks and costumes here. But why? It looks as if someone was afraid of your power/influence. In addition to that, some influences from the past were at work here, and I get the impression this was as much about power as it was about emotions (I’m reminded of “Dangerous Liaisons”-style intrigue).

Why have you not been reinstated?Lady with a Bosch Egg + Death and the Maiden
The Lady with a Bosch Egg clearly alludes to the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch which often depict bleak, disturbing landscapes full of strange creatures. Something is burning down in the background, and a ship is being pulled through the sky by a bird. The Lady herself holds a cracked egg from which a bird-headed humanoid is about to hatch. Subtitle: “Ancient Wisdom.”

The Maiden is naked and grasped from behind by a skeletal Death. They seem to be withing an egg-shaped space with cracked walls. Subtitle: “Invasion, boundaries violated, dominance.”

Again, reading the two cards together. I’m most struck by the egg in both cards. I read this as one card showing the outside (Lady + egg) and one showing the inside (Death + Maiden) of the situation. Outside, things look pretty disastrous, almost like a war zone after bombs have been dropped and now it’s at least safe enough to come out from the shelters. Not the best environment to raise anything small! And even inside death is close by, and he’s not welcome. The Lady has something dangling from her waist, which looks a bit like a mask to me, which links her with the earlier card. But the party is over now, and it’s time for cleaning up.

If you were shut down as part of someone else’s “war,” I don’t think anyone is thinking about actual repairs yet. First, they need to take stock of the damage done and assess further consequences. So you may actually be reinstated later on.
However, if there was indeed any ill will in not reinstating you (and it does seem more likely), it may be because someone is perceiving you as destructive and/or scary (do you maybe know too much?), or at least pretty unpredictable.

The colors of the latter two cards are much more subdued than the ones in the former two, so I’d say the actual “fire” or drama is over for now. But it doesn’t look all too optimistic in the current situation, either.

I hope this reading is useful to you in some way! I found it interesting to read with a concrete question but still no clear idea what topic area you were asking about (from the wording alone, the question felt like a work-related one, or one about any other “official” function – but I could be of course be way off here). I’m very curious about your feedback now!


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  1. I really like this deck, though I haven’t used it in a while! I liked how you interpreted the images of the cards, and not just the key-phrases… sometimes I find it a bit hard for me to detach myself from the words and focus on what the images are showing.

    I don’t know who you read for, but I do hope they drop by and leave you some feedback! It sounds like a very relevant reading for me, one that can definitely change the querent’s point of view regarding their situation!

  2. I hope I will get permission to share the feedback, too. If I do, I’ll be happy to share it here!

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