Make your own proverb


How convenient to be able to do online readings with my deck of the week! That enables me to do a draw with the intention of creating my own proverb for the day. It works like this:

  1. You draw a few cards (three seem to be a good number) from your deck of choice.
  2. Then you write down a few words/concepts you associate with each card on that day.
  3. Now you make several combinations of these words, taking one from each card.
  4. Pick your favorite one.

The picture is a screenshot from the online draw, which is why the cards don’t quite look like my 2009 edition.


Love — Love, peace, sunshine, friendship, support, just being

There is nothing… you can do — Separation, acceptance, crafting/craft, detachment, refusal, lack of choice

Freak — Freak, monster, strange, not giving a shit, alien, connected, special

This makes:

Love accepts strangeness.
Make peace and accept the monster within.
Friendship makes the alienation go away.
You are what you are, and that’s a freak who doesn’t give a shit about other people’s opinion.

It seems I come back to the idea of embracing one’s strangeness and being supported in it by people who love us.

It’s an apt message for today (and actually not just for today).


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  1. Great to see someone else trying these out! Morgan’s tarot looks like quite a fun one to use for this. :)

  2. The proverb that came to my mind was: “love makes you a freak”. LOL!
    I think that in the first stages of love we all feel a bit freakish, with those intense emotions…

    That said, right now I hate love and want it far away from me, thanks. :p

  3. I think that last one is an EXCELLENT proverb!

    lol Marina’s comment makes me thinking of another…”There’s nothing you can do about falling in love with a freak”

  4. Oh, I love all your suggestions for further proverbs – thanks a lot! And thanks to 78mirrors for the inspiration!

    Here’s another one from me: “I can’t help it – I just love the freaks and misfits.”

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