Proverbial wackiness


Because I had so much fun with it, I’m doing another “proverb” draw with the Morgan’s Tarot. Once again, I’m using the online version of the deck.

Du wacky du — wacky, a new perspective, going at something ass-backwards, being about to roll

Your doubt is your faith if necessary in your particular case perhaps — doubt, relativization, insecurity, faith, questioning

Slimy glob reigns — hard to grasp, icky, taking over, the magic of slime mold, dissolving, boundless

That makes:

Doubt allows you a new perspective on dissolving boundaries.
A process of questioning what’s hard to grasp is about to begin.
Wacky questions rule!
Possibly maybe we should let slime mold design networks for us.
Don’t roll over when the slime of insecurity creeps in!

The message is rather fuzzy and hard to nail down today. But like the Hanged Man of tarot, the Du wacky du bird of this deck brings new perspectives that may even help us realize that questioning that which seems ubiquitous, that which seems to slowly seep into everywhere may just be what we need to get our heads out of our asses. Be wary of the slime of what seems oh-so-normal!


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  1. “When in doubt, remember: a duck’s ass is always icky.”

    “Though the duck rolls away when in doubt, it still leaves an slimy trail.”

    Hum… okay, so maybe these are not a good proverbs. Lets try something more profound and spiritual:

    “Changing you vision is the way to make your doubts melt away”

  2. @ Marina
    I like all three of these, especially the humor in the first two. I find it goes well with the Morgan’s Tarot.

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