Dizzy draw


Since I’m still feeling strangely dizzy even after a day of rest yesterday, I decided to ask the Thoth Tarot about the background of this feeling. I had to improvise a little because my physical deck is out of reach right now. So I used an online reading generator, picked a three-card spread and then looked up the equivalents of the cards on the AlbiDeuter website.

2 – 1 – 3

1. SituationAce of Disks

As indicated by the feathers/wings in a card that’s supposed to be the “Root of the Power of the Earth,” my ground seems made of air today, making me feel dizzy and wobbly.
I also wish I were in an environment that is was calm and soothing as this, where I felt centered enough to just be. The yellow circle in the middle of the card makes me think of the solar plexus chakra and what’s associated with it. For example, my stomach, which also feels wobbly today. And the theme of setting/keeping boundaries, which has indeed been an issue for me this week.

2. CauseFour of Disks

The fortress-like lay-out of this building repeats the theme of boundaries the previous card already touched on. It also suggests a feeling of being trapped by a moat of emotions, of not finding the way out (although it exists). That’s how I felt during an extended encounter related to my volunteer hospice work on Sunday, which I still seem to be weakened by.

I had suspected something like that already but I had also doubted this hunch. After all, why would such a “harmless” situation as the one I found myself in impact me so strongly? It’s not like I am some super-sensitive personor anything… But a conversation I had about it yesterday made it clear to me that the whole thing had been more dramatic than I initially thought (or allowed myself to think). So now I think that maybe it wouldn’t be so surprising if my physical weakness and wobblyness was a mirror-image of my mental/emotional inability to communicate and defend my boundaries in en effective way.

3. SolutionPrincess of Wands

This is a very dynamic and fiery card. Its flow is not impeded. She looks strong and unburdened, despite the sleeping tiger that is hanging from her neck. Or is she pulled down by the big cat? Either way, I believe this is about waking the fire inside again, reconnecting with and reasserting my inner strength (I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this card has a big cat like the Stength/Lust one does). Letting go of what pulls me down. Rediscover my passion for the volunteer hospice work I do. Become more flexible and less passive.

Makes sense!


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