Card titles and associations for the Tarot of Origins


Since I don’t even have the original LWB for the Tarot of Origins, I decided to copy and paste together a list of card titles and associations for future reference here. I found all of the information on Aeclectic Tarot, mostly in the study group for the deck. Sorry if this is boring for everyone but me…


My tiny Tarot of Origins
(cut from Comparative Tarot)

0 – The Fool
I – The Magician
II – The Great Mother (High Priestess)
III – The Mother (Empress)
IV – The Father (Emperor)
V – The Shaman (Hierophant)
VI – Union (Lovers)
VII – The Chariot
VIII – Abundance (Justice)
IX – The Hermit
X – Time (Wheel)
XI – Creative Power (Strength)
XII – The Sacrifice (Hanged Man)
XIII – Death
XIV – The Source (Temperance)
XV – The Demon (Devil)
XVI – The Menhir (Tower)
XVII – The Star
XVIII – The Moon
XIX – The Sun
XX – The Prey (Judgment)
XXI – The World


Suits + colors:
Wands – Nature (green)
Cups – Soul (blue)
Swords – Blood (red)
Coins – Jewels (yellow)

Ace – Etching of [Suit] – drawing/representation
2 – Age of [Suit] – elder teaching apprentice
3 – Mask of [Suit] – masked representation of the suit
4 – Bones of [Suit] – actual bones used to connect to spirit of suit
5 – Stone of [Suit] – stone used as tool
6 – Rite of [Suit] – action or observation of an act related to the suit
7 – Era of [Suit] – an emblem, symbolic or representation of the time
8 – Spirit of [Suit] – a scene evoking the spirit or mood of the suit
9 – Birth of [Suit] – culminating time, almost a harvest
10 – Environment of [Suit] – fruitful results, ideal conclusion or completion


Page – Child of [Suit]
Knight – Animal of [Suit]
Queen – Woman of [Suit]
King – Man of [Suit]


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  1. that doesn’t look like my Origins deck at all… the titles and multi-language are on the top, there is a narrow white border on sides and bottom, the majors numbers are a dark sage, numbers on suits are the color of the suit…

  2. I got the Comparative and never use it so gonna be brave like you and trim it down to origins too soon, just need a smaller corner rounder, the one I got would eat up half the tiny cards…

  3. Thanks for sharing this! The LWB for my Origins is in German, so this is a big help for me :) How tiny is it? Looks gorgeous borderless!

  4. I had the same problem and ended up just rounding the corners a bit with scissors, freehand-style. The deck doesn’t look perfect anyway, so I don’t mind such small irregularities.

    If you go and cut yours, don’t forget to write the number of the minors somewhere on the card or you’ll lose that information (no countable suit symbols or companion book with illustrations!). I used a thin permanent marker (possibly a CD pen) for mine. If you squint really hard, you might see the number on the card at the top of the photo.

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