New Deck: Dirty Tarot


Well. There hasn’t been much tarot action here lately, huh? It seems that my interests have shifted somewhat to other aspects of spirituality, and there’s only been so much time… Nevertheless, I’m continuing with the deck of the week project. So let’s see what the random number generator has for me this time:

This is a complete no-brainer: Dirty Tarot! I love that 40-card oracle deck, I’ve been looking forward to having it suggested eventually, so I’m eagerly jumping its bones now. This is what I said about it when I first got it:

I had been ogling the Dirty Tarot ever since I first came to AT (months before I actually signed up) but never bought it. It wasn’t an actual tarot, after all, and it seemed quite expensive at first (I had less money back then, too).

I finally have bought it now, by way of being reminded of it by this thread, and am very happy about it! It’s a wonderfully colorful deck (lay out the cards next to each other for the full effect), with backs that look like pink glitter (only less shiny), and it’s simple images pack a lot more punch than I first expected. It’s anything but “cosmo” (or even teenage girly) but rather deep if you take the time to really get into the ideas illustrated on the cards. First impressions may be deceiving here… The LWB is really short indeed but the keywords/key concepts for the cards in it are actually useful (you can check them out on Dori Midnight’s website). It’s also beautifully designed. The cardstock is pretty sturdy, and for once I think that the shiny lamination does the deck good.

The Dirty Tarot and its symbology read very well for me, despite some “Americanisms” in there that my home culture doesn’t share. The deck really is what the LWB says: “it is not in any way ethereal or pure; instead it is a collection of symbols of things that we have, touch, desire, or tend to in our messy everyday lives.” As such, it will likely not be for everyone (make sure to check out the categories that name all the card titles to get an idea of what you’re getting!) but it hits right home with me.

Plus, Dori Midnight is a very nice person to deal with; the deck got here in record time; and I’ve been very happy to support her work as a herbalist and community healer with my purchase.

I also would like to add that Dori Midnight has done some wonderful healing and health-related work for the queer and trans* community, about which you can find out more on her website (check out the links page, too!) or blog. For that alone, she deserves my deepest appreciation. Plus, the deck is really fabulous.


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