Dressing the Dirty Tarot


If I don’t have time to read with the Dirty Tarot, let alone blog about it, I can at least show off the patchwork bag I made for it, right?

One of the nicest things about patchwork for me is that the pieces of fabric all come with their own context. Some are rather old fabric samples my father brought home when we were kids, others are scraps from other sewing projects or altered pieces of clothing, some have been bought specifically with tarot bags in mind, yet others have been rescued from the garbage can at a previous job. And all these backgrounds and stories come together to make something new.

I also remember that I listened to several of This American Life podcasts while I made the bag.

I originally planned to add hand stitching, but since I first have to learn how to do that in a way that looks nice, you have to imagine it for the time being.

I think the hippie-esque patchwork goes well with the deck, although the cards are a bit grittier than the bag suggests.

Here’s a picture of the spread-out deck with the closed bag next to it and the little pink book in the middle of the photo.

I much enjoy the handmade feel of both of them, including all imperfections and irregularities.

So maybe I don’t have to learn how to do pretty stitching after all and can just find out how this or that stitch works by applying it to this bag. I believe this would be much in the spirit of the Dirty Tarot.

And now I totally want to get out my sewing machine again and make more bags. Probably not patchwork ones, though, or at least not in this style.


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  1. Oh nice!!! I don’t have a machine though so would have to handstitch if I tried anything like it.

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