New Deck: Wild Green Chagallian Tarot


After a week-long break from tarot, it’s time for a new deck of the week. Let’s see what the random number generator suggests today:

Aah, that’s a great selection, and I’d be happy to use any of them. But I’m going to pick the Wild Green Chagallian Tarot for this week because it’s the one I’m least likely to use otherwise (I hardly ever read with majors-only decks). Plus, it has plants on every card, and I need some reminding of the beauty and wonder of all those little herbs and weeds and flowers that grow in the wild somewhere not too far from me. Who knows, it may even send me out to look for these plants in Real Life (TM)! And finally, it’s bright and colorful and seems to be optimistic, and that also sounds good after the emotionally exhausting couple of weeks I’ve had.

This is the only “art” deck I own, and the only deck I bought knowing it was a limited edition so it might be even more expensive later on. It comes in a beautiful, sturdy, hand-decorated cardboard box with silver writing that looks as if it has been made by the tiny (and obviously very talented) snail that is on the cover. The companion booklet offers some basic information about the plants that are shown (especially their uses as medicine and/or food), a couple of keywords and an interpretation of the card (often interspersed with some tidbits about the Chagall painting(s) that influenced the card design. I’m looking forward to getting acquainted with the deck!


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  1. oh I am a bit envious. Wish I had bought that one but was simply too poor at the time. I talk some with Pen over at Goodreads and she is one of the kindest souls I met. Going to read her novel over the next week though.

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